Minimi LMG to go?

Either way I bet they'd stuff it up. They had the great idea of having the 2 GPMG/M-240's at Pl level with light weight ground mounts i.e. tripods but that they should have short barrels for a lot of them, only to wonder why they have large inconsistent beaten zones.
I was referring to the org for US Army infantry Pl's at the moment in regards to the 2 guns with Pl HQ. They are also bringing in a version of the 84mm M4 at one per Pl. With their weapons sections organic to the Pl I guess they can afford to go lighter at section level with their weapon mix. If you take firepower off the section it needs to be replaced somewhere else where it is able to support the sections as they need it.
Specs on the 7.62 version still light at 6kg
7.62 LAMG - Knight's Armament
You have to wonder at what cost are the weight savings made? A belt fed 7.62 gun needs a balance between weight, controllable and robust (and cost for the bean counters) We ditched our 5.56 Minimi for the 7.62 version and to be honest I wouldn't want much of a lighter gun for the 7.62 round. Its light weight, accurate and pretty flexible for accessories. Maybe they are using titanium or other expensive/exotic metals for it (Cost). If its to light you have to wonder about durability as well especially if its yanks using it.

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