Minimi & Infantry Split Chest Rigs from Smamit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Regiment646, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. I've being working hard of late making up these Split chest rigs for a UK unit , a 'Need to Know' unit like in Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels , Anyway they came out very nicely so I've put them up on my site and like all the kit its made to order and I will soon have the price's up in £ with mailing ,
    As these are ongoing projects , changes and Idea's are welcome.

    Combined Operations-Spilt Chest Rig-Infantry

    Combined Operations-Split Chest Rig-Minimi

  2. The infantry rig looks like an updated version of the SADF M83 assault vest......Hope its the same sort of quality, rather than the Viper sort of standard....
  3. only OG or DPM too?
  4. At the moment I've only got OG and sand 1000 denier Cordura ,The Webbing is Nylon mil-spec and the Buckles are IRR treated.
    When I will buy DPM it will be from the UK and to UK Mil spec
    though the vests being in OG hasn't bothered people too much.
  5. Firstly well done..
    It's about time someone like yourself..Ex Forces..Actually asks the guys what they want out of a carry system.
    There are too many "Gash" companys out there palming the guys off with
    poor quality merchandise..Arktis, Webtex to name two off the culprits..Really poor quality imitation and they just fall apart.
    I like the look of your Daysac "Jerboa" and the nifty carry flap for your Helmet on the rear...Good for space saving, and you don't have to worry about cramming it in the top with all your other rig..Nice touch..
    PS-Just start doing your "Rigs" in DPM and im sure they will fly off the shelves.... :lol:
  6. good kit! the minimi one is a v good idea but I think us mortals would need DPM as the previous post said in DPM they`ll sell really well
  7. you might also get interest if you offer it in MARPAT/CADPAT desert.

    or CADPAT green.

    Just a thought. otherwise I think they seem pretty good. couldn't say without actually using them of course.
  8. Whats wrong with Arktis kit? Personally I have found it to be one of the best kit companies in the country, all the stuff I have from them has lasted years and performed very well!

    That said, I've not bought from them in a while, have they gone downhill lately? :(
  9. Just as another thought, I like the way that you list what can be carried in your various webbings etc. on the website. It makes it much easier to visualise how useful its actually going to be. :D
  10. I think they have gone downhill, based on my experiences and that of others. They seem to have gone OTT on producing huge vest which aren't necessarily ergonomic.

    In 2003, I ordered their "Long-Ronge Recon Battlevest", which is probably a warning sign in itself, because I usually ascribe to webbing for longer exercises. Took it straight out onto a live fire ex and found two tiny little problems:
    1. I couldn't comfortably bring my gat up to my shoulder with the right detachable utility pouch attached.
    2. The webbing material was so floppy that
    a). spent mags were impossible to quickly return to their pouches.
    b). with the pouches no longer 100% tightened, ALL the magazines
    started to fall out!

    I immediately had to go back to the old "mags down my smock" routine. Luckily, none of the men noticed.
    Cursing my lack of foresight, I took a good look at the vest afterwards and tried to get things back under control. I asked some SNCOs how to make the material more rigid (starch?), but no viable answer was forthcoming ("ask a stupid question, get a..."). So, I cut my losses and gave it to a friend who just needed to look gucci.

    A year later, I ordered their jungle sandals. Actually using them where they were supposed to be, I found that bloody soles starting to came off! I had to get some bloke named Jose from a local town to glue them back on.

    Lesson learned. Try before you buy.

    I later had great experiences with Blackhawk's ISSAK webbing. All the pouches I could ask for, and the huge amount of padding made it a blast to wear. But my waist was almost too small (min. 36 inches); I then lost some weight and found myself too slim for it. Had to sell it on ebay.

    Chest rigs still seem to be the most down-to-earth choice. There must be a better way of combining a chest rig with some sort of detachable belt order for longer ops...
  11. Fair enough, I haven't bought anything from Arktis in several years now. I had noticed that there prices have jumped dramatically though, which doesn't augur well. I bought one of their stowaway shirts for £13.99 four years ago, I notice they are now £29.99! :eek:

    I've not yet tried a chest rig, but I'll give one a go sometime. I have three very definate thoughts on webbing though:

    1) We really need to get away from the "everyone must be the same" attitude that some SNCO's still have. If I find an assault vest better,and my mucker a chest rig, then deal with it!

    2) Assault vests and chest rigs, in particular, need to have more seperate grenade/maglite/compass pouches, so you can get to these bits of kit without having to rummage past 2 smokes to get to your chorley, or whatever.

    Also, if anyone can suggest a sensible way of organising the multitude of TAMS, Nirex's, Sigs Aide memoirs, BATCO wallets and Maps that seem to breed about my person, I'd be bloody grateful, 'cos its doing my head in.

    I quite like the look of Smamits "jerkin" though, but I reckon I'll be off down to Jay Jays to get exactly what I want knocked up at some point.
  12. Funnilly enough, everything that happened to your vest happened to mine and more!
    I ordered mine staright from Arktis whilst i was in the middle of a Telic tour and within a week of using it i found that my A2 mags were ripping the pouch matterial.
    After about a month, the zip in the middle went.
    Out of three vests I have used my SA M83 was the best (Just sold it on ebay and some lucky sod got it for 26 quid). The LRRP's was shit but the vest I had from HM Supplies wasnt bad, too many pouches though.
  13. The whole standardization thing is a holdover from previous generations of warfare - all the way back to column and line. In large conscript armies, uniformity is a key to discipline. It also "looks nicer". Here in the States its still a larger issue than in the UK. If you want the greatest freedom, you know to which units you'll have to go.

    Any vest with zippable map pockets will do the trick for most of the paperwork. Some other thread had a link to a company that made a webbing yoke with those, too. Fablon the right kind of thin piece of flexible cardboard or thick paper (cut jagged edges to make it easily feelable), and you can use it as a divider within the pocket. Helps when you're wearing gloves and keep pulling out the wrong thing.

    If you take the TAM out of its binder and bind it with paracord or string, it becomes easily foldable. At one point, I took to wearing BATCO folders around my neck. You don't notice after a while. I think you could do that with the TAM sans binder. There's only so much you can do, though. You have the greatest control over your personal items, so work on minimizing those (does everyone in you section really need 30ft of paracord, etc.?).
    I suppose you could also memorize more things instead of relying too much on aides memoir, or you could transcribe all the most important stuff into a waterproof notebook (I mean waterproof paper, not just a waterproof cover).

    Ref. little pouches, one thing I liked about the ISSAK webbing was all those little pouches that were attached to the large ones. See here.
    Problem with extra space is that you always end up filling it. Smamit seems to have stuck with the essentials.

    For lightweight stuff like AAA maglights, a tailor can add pockets down your sleeve. No matter the advances in body armor, I doubt your forearms will be covered up anytime soon.

    Ref. customization, I think with the new Osprey CBA, the UK is going down
    the same route as over here in the US: MOLLE.
    MOLLE attachments are now on everything: body armour, rucks, etc. You attach whatever pouches you need for the mission. Complete flexibility.
    My problem with it is that everyone's started combining their webbing and body armor. I don't think that bodes well. If I have to bug out of a contact in 110 degree heat and my body armor is about to make me a heat (followed by a shot to the head) casualty, then I want to dump it. But if all my gear is attached to my plate carrier, then I'm royally fcuked! Remember the Paras in Majar-al-Kabir!

    Seriously, take out your webbing and triage what's a) need to have, b) good to have, c) nice to have. Dump all of c) and half of b). c) would, IMHO, include something like a norge in your webbing. Seriously, that's a comfort item. If you want a true emergency heat option, then go with a space blanket. You can now get those as jackets, but they're impossible to fold after use. Blankets obviously take up zero space. They're silver and shiny, but that shouldn't be a problem if you've found a good place to hide and it's really that cold that you need it (at which point a norge won't be much use). They can always be buried after use if folding doesn't work out (buy two of a brand and test one).

    With less crap, you'll find rummaging through kit much easier. If you end up dying for want of a miniature flamethrower or espresso kit, then it's just your time to go.
  14. Hi Fellers
    Mag pouches are are big problem to make strong enough ,The Israeli Efod which is a follow on from the old cotton webbing from the 1960's uses Pouches made of stiff Nylon webbing in the same way as the old webbing but with a Velcro closer ,The webbing is very hard wearing ,but limited in size and shape , also it looks a bit "Old School" for fast types.

    I make my mag pouches with 1000 cordura lined with 500 to protect the pouch from the inside ,as I 've wrote before ,these are ongoing and I'm always trying to make them better/stronger.

    This does mean that they cost more in work and materials , make's the kit Heavier and maybe a bit more bulkier.

    An Idea for carriering maps etc.. would be a side leg pouch attached on to the SR 25mm Buckles on the side of the vest.

    In future I'll be sewing on both sides of the rigs and vests SR buckles for the Gas mask and other Pouches

    Yours REG646
  15. REG646, you reminded me about a point concerning velcro. I could swear Arktis got it wrong. Ammo pouches should have velcro, but that velcro should be coverable. PLCE designers got it spot-on (except for those swedish thingies - why not pres studs or clips?).