Minimi Dust Cover

I take it this'll be the right forum, as 'other arms' don't get the minimi tmk.

That pile of good cr#p, with a pants dust cover!!! Am I the only person who's cut his hand on the minimi dust cover? Should I:

a) Get a life?
b) Whinge to someone senior and told to poke it?
c) Sue the MoD?
d) Sue Fabrique National?
e) Whinge on here, get no responses other than, 'go forth and multiply?'
f) Hold the injured hand in my other hand, sob and rock back and forth?
g) Any other response that gets no sympathy?

It's not really a poll, but I could make it one I suppose.

Answers on a pinhead please.


Kit Reviewer
h) All the above
Assuming you are using the correct drills with the minimi :wink:

Take it to the Armourers and whinge
Get anyone else thats had this problem to take it to the Armourers and whinge. They should do something about it.

If it's just you, you must have Mk1 cackhanded hands, go to stores and indent for hand, non cack Mk11

<edited to add> Give Armourers crate of beer and treat them with the reverence they justly deserve :)

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