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I know lots of people (myself included) have taken to minimalist footware for PT and running (Vibram Five Fingers, Vivobarefoot, Merrell Glove, New Balance Minimus, etc) and are enjoying the benefits of the barefoot running technique . Until recently, I thought there was nothing available on the military boot front to allow people to continue this technique when training in boots (the Vivobarefoot black walking boots just aren't robust enough). But I've found the Belleville Mini-Mil series on their website (links below). Shame they're not a zero heel drop (height difference from heel to forefoot), but the construction with Vibram sole looks just the job. Only problem is there are no UK suppliers and I'm a little reluctant to order these from US, paying shipping and import tax, without having tried them on and knowing I've got the right size. Has anyone managed to secure a set of these boots? If so, are they any good and what's the fit like?

Mini-Mil Minimalistic black quick-drying unlined boot

Desert Tan:
Mini-Mil tm Minimalistic tan quick-drying unlined boot

Sage (probably best to die brown to go with PCS):
Mini-Mil™ Minimalistic Traning Boot
I've already had the 'the boots I wear on Ops' argument with myself, and of course you need to condition yourself to the boots you'll actually wear; but that doesn't require you to wear them all the time. Minimalist boots are unlikely to ever be suitable for Ops as, by their very nature, they may not protect as well against a sharp piece of steel underfoot when you're wearing a heavy pack. However, there's a strong case to strengthen your feet by using minimalist footwear regularly, so that you're lees likely to pick up injuries generally. I don't want to start an argument on the relative benefits of minimalist footwear; people can make that choice by doing a bit of research and giving it a go if you think it's for you. I just want to know if these boots are any good if you already use minimal footwear for running/PT.

Mark The Convict

There's a fair bit of discussion about them on Lightfighter forum; fit, design and so forth.

Mark The Convict

The 'Tactical clothing and footwear' forum might have the most info in one place. Their Search function seems to work well too.

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