War Hero
Yeah my brother got one - so Giz, if you see one buzzing about Exeter its prob my brothers - LOL.

I want one but I know I'd crash it.

I had a fcuk off petrol powered suburau impreza R/C car as a Xmas pressie about 6 years ago.

It lasted about 10 minutes before I hit a big stupid dog and destroyed the bodywork.


Nippy little thing.

I prefered the Spitfire that was on a post a while back though.
I bet the police squirrel would fcuk off big time if it saw that speeding towards it - especially at night with a flare attached to it. That'd shut the noisy cnuts up!
F*cking sad cnuts. Now were did i put that ECM. Anybody got a spare ANTLER or some CHIMPS. (This will show up the old gits)


yeah seen one flying over ainsdale beach... made grob tutors flying from woodvale look a wee bit crap.... ah well

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