Miniature medals - Coronation and Jubilee's

Discussion in 'Medals' started by ex_donkey_man, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Just asking for those that are in the medals game.
    I do like to collect medals in the Coronation and Jubilee sections, however, there is one thing I don't seem to have seen over the last couple of years of doing this.
    I know that all of the English Coronation and Jubilee medals, along side the Dehli Durbar medal are in full size and miniature. However, despite some long looking, I can't seem to spot any of the "Visit" medals in miniature. Mainly, Ireland 1900 & 1902 and the Visit to Scotland 1903, plus the 1911 Ireland Coronation medal (Green with red stripes).

    Do these medals come in miniature at all? I have seen Jewellers copies of the Ireland medals for 1900 & 1902 in miniature, but that's it.

    Any one know the answer?
  2. PM 'RP578', if anyone knows he will.
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  3. or Mittmayo
  4. I have a 1911 Coronation Medal miniature (blue with red stripes) in my collection. I understand that miniatures at that time were mostly made be jewellers/silversmiths rather than mass produced by medal companies. I would suggest that if they are out there they will incorporated in medal groups, rather than be singles...
  5. Sounds like you have the Military / civilian one! I have that in miniature and the Met Pol one in full size for 1911!
  6. Yes, it is in a group (I have the full size and miniature group to the same recipient).