Mini Versus Roller

A guy is waiting at the lights in his mini cooper (old type) - a convertible roller glides up next to him. This is an almost daily commute occurence.

Mini driver rolls down his window "Hey mate, nice car - bet you haven't gt PS3 installed though"

"Actually I have" said the roller driver

"Yeah? - bet you ain't got a fax machine though"

"Yes, of course I have" yawned the roller driver

"OK - how about a four poster bed?"

"Er ...... "

Then the lights changed and the mini sped off

The roller driver, not wanting to be outdone goes and gets a 4 poster installed and waits to meet the mini at the lights again. a week passes, no sign, then, one day he sees the mini in a layby, pulls up in front of it and walks up to it.

The mini's windows are all steamed up and it's rocking back and forth.

Roller driver knocks on the window - the rocking stops, there is some swearing and fumbling and the window is rolled down. The mini driver's naked torso appears.

"Thought I'd just let you know I have a huge 4 poster installed in the roller" Says the roler driver.

Mini driver rolls his eyes and says ,,, "You got me out the fukcing shower just to tell me that?"
nice one

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