Mini roundabout next to the Monkeys outpost Fally.

Discussion in 'REME' started by westendboy, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi fellers. Just going down memory lane (as you do) and wondered if anyone saw this.

    Was posted as a Tels Tech to the 5 and 9s at Wessex barracks Fally from 73 - 75. My first posting after leaving the factory.

    One Friday night/Sat morning after a night out decided to go for a walk/stagger at 6.00 am and stumbled across a motor with the key in the ignition quite close to the guardroom.

    Bloody brilliant I thinks and went for a spin. At the top of the road just by the Monkeys place and the Wee House - (ran by Klaus or lumpy jaw if I recall and now a used car saleroom) at the crossroads is (was) a mini roundabout.

    Of course I drove straight into it and smashed it to pieces. The murter wasn`t looking too good either.

    Bollocks I thought and just sat there waiting for the inevitable. There goes my short but eventful Army career I thought.

    I guess I waited about 1 -2 minutes for the Gendarmes to run over but lo and behold the cop shop wasn`t manned at that time so I eventually just legged it.

    If anyone ever saw the carnage that day and wondered what had happened then now you know. It was Ichy.

    Must have been sometime in 74.

    Are we allowed to post memories like this or will I be butt fucked?
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  2. AAGF


    Subject Matter Expert Jarrod will surely be along to offer his opinion on your last sentence ...
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  3. Well that was painless enough.

    Dunno wot SMEJ means though.

    In Oman I was introduced to a JABS and a JAF at the cav club in Thumrait.

    A reccy mech once punched me for saying that lucozade aids recovery.

    Why did the geordies at the 5 and 9s call us shitters?
  4. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Maybe my memory has faded (or they simply never rebuilt the said R/A) but i was at St Barbaras Bks 86-89 and always recall it as a road junction!
  5. Probably right. If I remember you had to turn left to go into town or anywhere for that matter and the wee house was just on the right as you negotiated the ra which I smashed into.
  6. Is it the junction between teh two camps?

    You had the REME and RHF on one side, and the SDGand RTR on the other... Ed Centre was with the cav. (early 90s).
  7. I have no idea what you are on about.
  8. That makes two of us then!!!

    Can't remember the names of the barracks, I was around the Range Road in Caen Bks, but I could have sworn there were two gates facing each other over a road...

    One had the REME Bn and RHF on it, the other the SDGs and RTR.

    When you drove off teh range road you came between two camps. These being them.
  9. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Just looked on Google maps mate, and me memory is not addled! thank goodness for that. Even followed the road (by memory) to the Finke und Mekhart VW garage where I bought two cars from. So, you either you demolished it never to be rebuilt or you were pister than you thought. Infact, the first roundabout I ever encountered in Germany was in Aachen :)
  10. They built one in Osnatraz up by ToysRus in the early '90s, a lot of confused looking Germans when that went up I can assure you, which was the first I encountered.

    Never known of one in Fally on either St Barbara's, Wessex Bks or in-between. I reckon you must have done a 'Proper Job' wrecking it.

    I do however remember the 'Speed Mountains' that were every 10 foot up the main drag. I'm pretty sure they contributed to my prolapsed discs while driving Beddy 4Ts over them. Thank god they were removed.
  11. I remember the incident vaguely, the car was towed off/recovered to 7th Field Wksp IIRC. I'm pretty sure I went around the roundabout the wrong way a couple of times getting used to driving on the right...
  12. Thats what I remember as well. For those who don`t remember the mini R/A it was only about 8 - 10 feet in diameter (if that), and about 18 inches high and made from concrete i think.

    The MT Sgt from the 15/19 LAD Taff B***n finished up with the car somehow. I remember seeing it in the LAD workshop where he was attempting to get it fixed.:roll:

    On a different note what ever happened to Sid and Rita who ran the old Ratskeller near the railway station? They renamed it the "Friendship" when they took it over.
    Only know that because a few years later while on the Clansman installation team I returned to Fally and popped in for a beer and was amazed to see the two of them in charge.
    That was around 79/80 I think.

    I knew they were an item from my earlier time there but couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw them both there.

    As some may remember the Ratskeller was run by a guy called "Forte" in the mid seventies and also ran a minicab business from there. It was where you went for a top up after all the other bars had closed or thrown you out or both.:dance:

    Many a time we would crawl in there and demand a cab to take us to the Django at Bomlitz but that`s another story.:monkey:

    Sid was ex 42 Heavy RA I think, and Rita used to be the waitress at the Feldschlossen (spelling might be wrong)
  13. The roundabout was there in 78 as I was in Wessex Brks with 1 CG Lad and I remember the Feldschlossen and Harrys bar, many a hangover the next day.:)
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  14. So the bumps have gone. I remember them being installed in 89/90 (or there abouts). Loads of complaints that they were too high were dismissed by some RO that people driving too fast. Then, allegedly, the Garrison Commanders wife took the exhaust off her new Volvo and hey-presto the humps were lowered
  15. I believe it was due to the many, many claims put into Fally Station for damage to cars, such as your example, that they were finally removed completely.