Mini Roll

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blonde_grenade, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. It's a slow old day on the range but I have definitely earned my pennies today. I just ate a whole mini roll in one go without chewing!!

    Yuppity Yup. Feeling very pleased with myself.

    Anyone wanna top that?! Huh huh huh...?

    And go!
  2. How about eating 2 at the same time without chewing?
  3. Give a creme egg a go.
  4. Anyone knowing the Heimlich manoeuvre, please step away from the thread.
  5. Was eating whole jam doughnuts with 'er in doors, was very funny when she got the first one stuck in her throat. :donut:

    Very hard to swallow when you're laughing your tits off at her slowley going blue on the kitchen floor
  6. Thats one way of getting out of your wedding vows lol :D
  7. Tried two in one go but started coughing. Chocolate fookin everywhere now. Sigh.

    Lick it up!!!!! :D
  9. I assume you practiced on smaller brown objects before progressing to this level?
  10. Yeah I practised on one and then tried to step it up to two :roll:

  11. You sir, have just failed as a MAN.
  12. I tried but most of it went over the keyboard and now I have a nick in my tongue. Stupid game this.... who started it anyway :twisted:
  13. Keyboard :?: You said you were on the range :?:
  14. smaller brown objects? skat?
  15. @ Blonde Grenade. Put 6 dry Jacobs Cream Crackers in your mouth and tell us how long you can keep them there before you swallow them. You are not allowed any water !!

    In your own time carry on.