Mini Racing Bikes - A Rant.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rajaz, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. What’s the legal situation with these mini motorbikes?

    Last night we had a Kid who looks no more than 6yrs riding up and down our street and on the pavement on what looks like a ¼ scale racing bike. No helmet, wearing just shorts and no shoes, other children playing in the street, noisy as feck. The kid’s chav father also rode with him 2-up at speeds of 25-30mph. The street's only 80yds long!

    Don’t these mini-bikes have to be taxed/insured/MOT’d like normal vehicles?
    Are 6yr olds allowed to ride on public roads?

    I was amazed that none of the local parents came out to get their kids out of harms way.

    If I tell the Police, I’ll only get my car vandalised.
    I hate fecking chavs. Rant over.
  2. Compleatly ilegal but ask your self this were they realy doing any harm? if the answer is yes then a discrete call to the cops and refuse to leave your name.

  3. Like I said, it was just a rant.

    I'm hoping the local parents will take action if it happens again.
    Let's face it, they've more to lose if one their nippers gets mown down by a 6 yr old
    Evil Knevil, (remember him)?

    I'll be mightily unimpressed if he scrapes my car, though.

    If nothing happens PDQ, I'll take your advice, DD.
  4. Piano wire, throat level
  5. Apparently
    and my local Plod are on the case according to the Oldham Chron.
  6. It should not be a question of 'Are they doing any harm?' But what potential harm could exist.
    If you saw your neighbours underage child drive a motor 30 yards up the road, he hasnt really done any harm. The point being he has no formal training, ie. a drivers licence and has no road sense/awareness. No different than a 6 year old ridng the bike, espeacially if it can reach those speeds. I wouldn't wont to be held accountable because my child killed another.
    You only have to look at todays news to realise how lucky James Dudley was.
    A tragic accident yes... But if the Hirers had adhered to the laws this tragic accident could well have been avoided. The parents of the 6 year old should look carefully at their actions.
  7. this is a quote from a norfolk police site:

    Riders must be 16 years old or over and possess a valid driving licence. The bikes must also be taxed and insured. This was decided by the Court of Appeal in October 2000.

    does not mention MOT?
  8. totally illegal unless on private land (with the consent of the landowner)
    can't be made road legal most councils have started rounding them up and fining the riders.
    bloke in bognor broke his leg in 3 places and needed skin grafts bwahaahahaa
    should'nt really be readily available to the public as most people either don't know or care about the law.
  9. You can't tax a vehicle (>3 yrs old) without an MOT certificate, so it is a sine qua non.
  10. Two points:
    Firstly not doing any harm is one thing but if he is an underage mini chav he will not have valid insurance. Therefore IF he hits someone the poor b*stard or his relatives will be compensated at the rate of about a fiver a month from the chav parents social security.
    Secondlyt I think all these bikes are an utter menace and when taken off road manage to turn tranquil realxed green areas into a racing track.
  11. Ask your friendly bobby if you can borrow a stinger, deploy it infront of the bike and then wach the chav turn into a pancake!

    Just make your you dissapear before chav senior turns up or he might give you a bit of earache!

  12. Absolute pain in the arrse, to even ride a moped you have to have been passed at CBT by a DSA instructor which means that you have to be old enough to hold a licence, I assume junior chav isnt, and rightly so the insurance item is a big thing, I rode one of these things about 5 years ago and nearly totalled myself, and I would consider myself pretty experienced on 2 wheels.
  13. Totally illegal. If a six-year old is riding it police can (and will) seize it.
  14. The reason it doesnt mention MOT, is the fact that you need a type approval number for the vehicle or a Single Vehicle Approvement test (SVA). The general rule for these types of machine is they will not be issued approval.
    Try looking at other County Police Force sites and you will see that most include that an MOT is needed.
  15. I saw an officer with hin kid on one last sunday up on catterick range road looked like the kid was having great fun and doing no harm.