Mini on Otterburn training area

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PapaGolf, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. I recently had the 'pleasure' of a 2 week 'holiday' on Otterburn, and i stumbled upon the rotting corpse of a mini car right in the middle of the training area on top of a hill and miles from anything resembling a road. How the feck did that get there? Any idea's? Dull as feck i know but i'm curious
  2. Aliens.....that's what I heard
  3. THATS where i left it then! Thanks Mate!
  4. Four ATC Cadets carried it up there.
  5. No Mini - you were hallucinating - most of us did on the Otterburn ranges (what a god-forsaken place - no wonder the Border Reivers got so uptight with one another). Miles from civilisition and pubs - even the Romans would not stop there without building a massive defensive area.
    But the (illegal) fishing was good on the Coquet River!
  6. Apparently a witches coven use it for secretive ritual sacrifices. You were really lucky not to have been hollowed out, made into an effigy and used to lay a thousand year curse on a local corrupt landowner. Oh, it's haunted as well and many local Army units will not let soldiers carry out sentry duty near it on their own.

    Actually I have no idea why it's there.
  7. The Reivers have become a little more laid back and friendly in recent years .

    I still regularly hillwalk in the Cheviots including that part of the OTA which was/is(?) identified as the Dry Training Area …. a contradiction in terms if ever there was one .

    I doubt if Roman Soldiers would have classed Chew Green as a cushy posting .
  8. But have you taken any trout (legal or illegal) from the river? I have - but I can't say whether it was legal!
  9. No .... you have that honour over me .... I have taken them legally from another river further north .

    I did however find a very strange thing on the Pennine Way , which skirts the Dry Training area , last year .... one boot . Often wonder how the owner came on ... perhaps he is still there looking for it .
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    We once got 14 of us in a Landrover to go to the Percy for a pint