Mini Cannon - me want, me want!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by labrat, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. Now, you'll excuse me, but I've just been watching this:

    The Tiny Cannon Is Back and Destroying Bigger Stuff Than Ever

    Which are apparently available here:

    Welcome to!!

    Now, I presume that this would be classified as a shotgun (?) However I'm unsure of the legalities regards purchasing one and presume that would be illegal even though I'm an FAC and SGC holder, I guess it would need to be proofed before import (?)

    Actually, I'm guessing it probably would be FAC due to the length of the barrel

    So, would it be possible to own? I'd love to see the FEO's face when I try to convince him of good reason...
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Have to say that I quite like the baby Kurnool mortar! :-D
  3. Looks like a quite expensive hobby - considering the cost of the targets...
  4. You could carry that on your keychain easily; perfect for livening up those dull PowerPoint presentations at work! How many shopping days 'til Christmas? :)
  5. It would need to be proofed if offered for sale.

    Definitely Section One. As you say, the good reason would be your stumbling block.
  6. its got a bbl less than 12 ich and a total length less than 24, guys under uk law its a pistol, so a no go............... damn shame looks a lot of funz
  7. Firearms license required, surely?
  8. Wish i had one of those when i was working at SWEEEP, would have made mincemeat out of them big tellies
  9. Not so - in the UK, muzzleloaders are exempt from the 30/60cm rule. FAC entry for 'One 0.22" M/L Pistol' and it's yours!
  10. of cource!! forgot its an ML.......... right, I'll better get hold off 'some-one' on here and its another project for his lathe!

    wonder what the market is for a range of scaled minature 19th cent ML cannons?
  11. I have a Spanish made model of a Napoleon III cannon in .69!

    Section I licenced for appoved ranges, though I only fire ball at 30m. If anyone was at the Moy game fair this weekend you would have heard it firing blanks..

    Noisy little beast!

    Grate funn! - I understand there may be a miniture cannon match at the Trafalger this year?
  12. Well that's just cheered me up! :eye: What a great little piece of kit. Want one.
  13. Having now watched both the videos, all I can say is this guy is living on borrowed time! Ok the li'le cannons look fun, but WTF is with the "Hex barrel" - I can see where that one is going (along with the 105mm bongs and the .50 wacky baccy pipes..)

    Grinding up pyrodex in a pepper grinder FFS!

    I await his entry in next year's Darwin awards. God bless America!
  14. Hmm, the mini cannon is nice, but being muzzle loaded sort of takes the fun out of hoping for a gatling version. Mount one above the front door and you could send all door-step salesmen away with something better than a flea in the ear, :cool: