Mini Arrse meet up

hello, i am in london for the week and would like to have a beer with fellow ARRSER's, If you can afford the time then please drop a message on here. i will look forward to meeting you all....... oh and dont forget, i am a fireman so i may go on strike at any time!!!
With your two incomes perhaps you could run to buying twice your usual number of rounds and we could look after your pint when you get told you cant have a packet of peanuts.
I would love to go and meet you Sham, unfortunately, I am at home and cannot make it.

I know where where you got your name from, and why. It would be nice for you to meet your Guardian Angel but I am trillions of miles away. I will pester Adonway (he of the sexy arrse) and Beebs to meet up with you and make a tit out of you in my absence.

Sluggy xxx

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