Mini Arrse - Anyone for conkers ??

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by subbsonic, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Having a how-was-your-day? chat with mini-sonic last night. Mini explains that the current hot topic in the playground is conker collecting.

    Naturally, I turned the conversation round to playing conkers.

    Mini sonic gives me a WTF are you talking about look, like: am I on acid or something? I then proceed to explain the traditional british playgound pass-time. It seems like none of the class have heard of this ancient and noble British sport.

    Just what is happening in society today?? I put this to Mrs Sonic who has suggested that conkers may have been banned in certain schools due to health and safety risks.

    Can this be true??

    Has the nanny state gone mad?

    Will they have to stop playing tag in case someone trips, or gets "tagged" too hard. when will all this mullarkey stop.

    Perhaps I now have to pay to send my kids to special school where thay are allowed to climb and run; perhaps kick a ball!!


    < sorry this does not bring the gravitas of "the morals of killing and the wife" thread. Mrs Sonic has killed and beaten up far more than me>
  2. Banned from school playgrounds a while ago.

    BBC article

    Tag has also been banned. Only by the spams at the moment though.

    No Tag allowed

  3. I think I remember something about conkers being banned in schools either last year or the year before, apparently schools are afraid of being sued if one of them should shatter and injure one of the little kiddies.
    Not to worry though, all you have to do is issue mini-sonic with a pair of goggles and sign a waver that excuses your school of all conker related injuries and then mini-sonic will be allowed to play :roll: (I kid you not, I remember hearing about some schools actually doing that last year)
  4. Not eveyone has banned them

    Look here:
  5. Banned conkers, does not seem all that bad when you find out that some schools are going to allow kids to swear at the teachers. They were going to try it at my wives school but all the teachers said that they should be allowed to swear back at the kids.... ...they still to this days have not tried it.