Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Wiraman, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody else met such considerate, selfless members of the fairer sex?

    To quote :

    " Eee, I'm on t' blob, but you can take me up the shitter if ya like "

    Blackpool ('nuff said) stag weekend - 1999

  2. posh lass then?
  3. Did she keep on eating her chips?
  4. no chips, but a huge kebab :wink:

    same lass : " oooo an 'airy chest !! me fookin pussies dripping !!!
  5. If this is true and not straight out of VIZ... I wan't to see a photo!

    (No! not of your hairy chest!!)
  6. Proper ESSEX Mingers... :lol:

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  7. Pays to advertise though...
  8. Badly packed kebab I wager!

    Boys, mingers are an integral part of the late night economy. Who has not thought "Thank you God, at least I'm going to get it wet" at half past two in some northern night-club, even though faced with an allegedly female sibling of Giant Haystacks, with bad breath, smelling of alco-pops and wee? I know I have...

    In fact for years I shagged goppers and mingers and thought it was because I could. Now as I reflect from the safety of marriage, I suspect that I had become addicted to nasty, dirty sex with unwholesome she-beasts that brayed like a female ass on (rear) entry and fanny-farted on completion before giggling. Crusty gussets, badly fitted bras and an attitude to sex that would have appalled Messalina! All for the price of a Pony or a Cherry B with cider...

    Salad days indeed. Or rather salad-dodger days...
  9. Where did you get the photo of my arrse?
  10. When did you get an arrse? :?