mingers in disguise!



This got me thinking :

God knows what my missus will look like if she ever scrapes off her warpaint!


Women round my way for some reason feel the need to apply make up with a trowel, turning them all into absolutely stunning looking sex kittens.
Its only when said silly face paint is removed in the morning, (if i havent done a runner by that point), that you would ever know.

With the exception of a few iron hoofs like, say Dale Winton, this is not something men would generally do to make themseves better looking. Imagine though, a couple of layers of slap on and i'd be so gorgeous people would suspect i was an android!

As it is ive got a face more akin to a bag of smashed crabs :roll:
its gotta be a case of before and after surgery...surely?????? 8O
LoneTree said:
I,d do the lot of em !!!!!!! Including the orse !!! LT
Lone Tree - All of them ?? I take it you are not familiar with the Prime Minister of New Zealand Ms Hell On Clark (she is the one next to the horse)

I may have low standards but I wouldn't do HER



Celebs have gotta be the prime examples though, ever seen pics of Britney,Pam Anderson, or Cameron Diaz without a liberal coating?

Id still do 'em, goes without saying, but still look like complete gwarrrs in comparison!

I'll post a link when

A. I can find one
B. I can be arrsed

Edit: got one.....

the scandal of air brushing is just as entertaining.....some people just can't accept they are getting on in life....hehehe...wunkers! :twisted:
Wow that's a bit scary. I had no idea what a huge contrast there really is with those lasses. Personally cannot be arrsed spackling up bar for special occasions.

What a difference time spent with a make up artist, hair stylist, lighting crew and photo editor make. Except in HC's case. I think a good belt sanding and rusty pliers to remove her stumps would still give a brilliant plastic surgeon pause for thought.


The one at the top left with the 'pontoon eyes', looks like the geezer who works in our local Gyros shop.
looks like the robot head out of total recall, just imagine her saying "two weeks" and her head exploding
sniper9 said:
looks like the robot head out of total recall, just imagine her saying "two weeks" and her head exploding
She looks like my 3rd grade teacher. (shudder), But I'd still nail her. Call it a grudge-fcuk. :twisted: On bended knees, she would kiss my leathery love orbs, then engulf my........Oh God, I'm sick. Help me! 8O
slick, excellent and believable.

How many blokes start with the boat race, most of my mates start with the arrse and work their way up?

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