Oh dear lord, he's started again.
This is almost a Father Ted ripoff: Dali = far away ( I used to live in a street in Warszawa called Daleka - check it on google maps- fucking great view over the filtration fields...daleka...very long, very far...it's about 200 fecking metres long...you gotta laugh...NO !!!!) Blizyj = near to, close up...

Fucking great sense of humour the Poles, mostly unrecognised because it only really shows itself when they're sober.
Two words on this smelly bitch < Blue Waffle >

If you do Google the term please do NOT look at the pic's . Not if you want to enjoy your next meal .
I thought she looked ok to be fair, her grid looks in good order so she can pop off down that end and play with the old man, while I go down for......





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