Mines? There's an app for that.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PE4rocks, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Interesting use of technology I thought.

    SAPER app

  2. Let's hope that nobody ever puts a pressure-plate more than 30cm away from the main charge, then.
  3. Yes dear, we could all see negatives, it was however the positives that I was looking at. Wars, other than Afghanistan, are also available.
  4. Oh, right.

    Let's hope mine-layers never discover trip-wires, then.
  5. Yep, its well known that most mines are triggered by tripwires that no one would ever check for before ever doing anything else. Please tell me you were never a sapper.
  6. I am not now nor have I ever been a sapper.

    Are you seriously suggesting that a mine-detector that requires you to walk bent double waving a phone less than 12" off the ground, has any real utility?
  7. I really can't be arrsed to reply to your comments. Give your head a wobble, look at what you have written, think about the concept and possible applications in other than the one scenario you appear to be fixated upon. Out.
  8. Put iPhone on a long stick?
  9. Great idea, of course if your connection to the cloud-based server goes down, you might be standing on one place for quite a while. It would be a good chance to practice going to sleep standing up, though.
  10. Connect iPhone to landline.
    Reel out 20km of Don 10 behind you as you go.
  11. Silly me, I never thought of that, you'd have to remember to carry an i-Mac as well, so you could synch with the cloud via iTunes.
  12. I had a nurse ask me a few months ago how to get the breathalyser app to work on her ipad, it seems she'd had an alcoholic patient blowing on the screen. I hope she didn't give him Antabuse on the strength of the reading.
  13. I'm all for innovation, but scientifically - this sounds bollox.
  14. How is an explosive material magnetic? Last time i checked steel wasnt explosive. So what you have is a metal detector!?

    I searched for the app but couldnt find it anyway.

    Looks like some sort of wah to me!
  15. Not suited for pay as you go, as you may unfortunately run out of minutes at a critical time :)