Miners Strike - Soldiers in Police Uniform?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by November4, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. And before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion - NOT a journalist. Long time member of PPRuNe and thought this question would be better posted over here.

    Looking at the Police Specials Forum (yes I know.... :( ) http://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56569 and someone has said that the Army had soldiers dressed up as police to help beat up the Miners....Long time ago I know but.....anyone like to comment on this.

    Thanks and apols if this is in the wrong place or inappropriate
  2. Looking to write a book you f ucking scab
  3. Didn't happen mate. They shipped a load of the Met into Notts and they acted like c*nts, burning tenners and so on just to wind up the strikers. The local Plod paid the price for that and it took them a long time to restore order after it was all over. There was a story in one of the tabloids which had a mention of someone referring to another police officer as 'Corporal' but that was tosh and sounded like some sort of propaganda made up by the extreme militant strikers and the commies who tried to use them.
  4. Had there been any truth in this, it would have earned a few of those who participated royalties on their subsequent books long before now.

    This is as much an urban (albeit uniquely military) myth, as the 'busload of nurses', see threads elsewhere on this site for explanation.
  5. Thanks - couldn't see it myself either as there were more than enough cops from other areas being shipped in without the need for the Army. Urban legend being quoted as facts by Police....!!

    And no not writing a book - nor a scab - was at school when it was on and no where near a mining community
  6. Mate, I grew up in Wales as a young teen after the old man left the army, and can confirm met coppers ripping the piss about raking in the cash on overtime whilst families starved. Cnuts to a man.
  7. Well, I am from a Notts mining village (now pitless obviously). At the time of the strike my Dad was in the police (after 22 years Army), I was in the Army, I had one brother on strike and the other working (both miners). They still don't talk to eachother to this day. Made for interesting times.

    IIRC the first person to be killed during the strike when a paving slab was dropped from a bridge onto a car was my classmate from school, who was actually on strike at the time.

    I've asked my dad about the story you are questioning and he thinks it is laughable, what he did say is that there were a lot of police officers asking for the Army to be involved and he thinks that there were discussions but that's as far as it got.

    Looking back on it I'm not sure who the worst thugs were in Notts, it was a toss up between the Welsh mining contingent and Kent Police and I think the Met gave a pretty good showing of contempt for humans.
  8. Nothing wrong with scabbing. All of Nottinghamshire were scabbing due to the illegal strike called by Scargill. After six months Yorkshire miners were eating from dust-bins and living off charity. The Nottinghamshire miners worked on and were able to feed and clothe their children and pay their mortgages.

    Scargill was a cnut who destroyed his own industry in the vain pursuit of power. All the strike achieved was to select the miners as the union that Thatcher would confront, and defeat. The strike also highlighted the fact that British coal could not be relied upon as an assured source. The power industry noted this and started to import cheaper coal from destinations such as Poland and Brazil. When the power industry realised that it was cheaper to ship coal to Yorkshire power stations 6,000 miles from Brazil rather than from tens of miles away in the same county, the coal mines were doomed.

    Scargill was weaker than Thatcher and lost the battle that he had chosen to fight. The 'scabs' were on the winning side and half of the Met paid off their mortgages early.
  9. Utter bollox,

    The police might have been allowed to rest up in Army TA halls etc. but that's about it.
  10. My bold.

    I agree with just about everything you have put but just for the record, I think that at our pit about 60% of the workforce were out on strike, in most other local pits I think the split was about 50/50. The fact that the Notts pits stayed open actually gave the impression that no-one from the county was striking. This was not the case at all. Throughout Notts now there are still very deep divides within small communities as a result of that sad part of our history.
  11. Off topic slightly but does anyone know if the Bevin boys were paid the same as HO's [those called up for the duration] or did they get a miners wage of that period?
  12. Spoke to Ex miners from St hellens area, east Sutton pit iirc, and they said that there were "coppers" with no idents on their uniforms at their pit and they did have "millitary" bearing in their actions. Now the other guys who where in the room at the time said that they heard simmilar stories from other pits......who knows.

    If anyone was there..........lend us a mill or two!
  13. When will people learn that local coppers allways know best. Similar thing happened in hollyhead a few years ago with farmers complaining about irish meat imports. one bobby rocks up in his panda and has situation under control. good spirits all round but then....HQ orders MASSIVE backup..farmers arrange more protesters...HQ draft in coppers from Liverpool who show up in full riot kit.....cue major kickoff!!!!

    Lots of dodgy things happened during the miners strike...comunities still not recovered...and for what.
  14. Datum's,

    The miners might have thought that way because many ex services had probably joined the cop shop by then.

    Remember, this was a time shortly after many serious public disorder events in London.

    I can say no more than this, the only Army involved was the Salvation Army.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Jesus, strange coppers with a 'military bearing'? What? They didnt slouch and smoke pot? Give me a frocking break.

    There was coppers bussed in from all over. There was SB and spooks wearing flat caps and trying to pretend they were miners. It was chaos and bad times all round.

    But trust me, there was not any squaddies pretending to be cops that I know about.

    David Shayler was there mind. I got his autograph.