Minehead Somerset -were there ever barracks or similar there

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Angel85, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Could anyone tell me if there were ever anything military related in Minehead, Somerset?
    I worked at Butlins Minehead and heard many stories about the place including that during the war it was used as a military base, some older buildings there do have that look about them and there is a chapel on site.

    While I was there I did witness something really spooky but won't mention it unless anyone is interested in the paranormal, but this is my reason for asking and I can't find anything on google.
  2. Junkers Ju 88A-14 (144687) shot down by sergents H.K.Kemp and J.R. Maidment in a Mosquito Mk2 of No 151 sqn. Crashed at Timberscombe 3.30am 18th May 1943. Lt Hahn Obergef Sagemuller killed Uffz Wurtz and Fw bock taken prisoner, thats all I know about the area
  3. Thank you :) If anything was there it would have been pre 1960.

    It's all very odd because if it isn't true where did people get the idea from, but then there are a lot of tales about the place being haunted too.
  4. The fact is they had just bombed my house about ten minets earler in the night killing 5 people
  5. Not while you were in it I hope :(
  6. No, it killed my fathers first wife, his two daughters and their cousen who was in Wales to get away from the bombing, my dad married my mum 2 years latter. It's a family sick joke that i owe the Luftwaffe a big one
  7. You could view it that way, after all you wouldn't be here if not :) But that's life I guess.
  8. No but the old Butlins/Craig Tara holiday place just south of Ayr was a naval basic training depot during the war called HMS Scotia
  9. Just down the road is Watchet.

    There was a barracks in use until about 1970. Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers were there in 68 when they became 2RRF.
  10. The Minehead area was used for training by US and Canadian forces. Not sure if they had any hutted camps, since many of the training areas used tents. I think Minehead itself had some defences, including one or two guns covering the approaches to the harbour.
  11. My dad was a Worcs Regt Sgt at 8 Corps Vehicle Maintenance School located in Minehead 1940-42. I think he got this ERE posting because he had passed the long MT course at Hounslow, Middx in the thirties. The site of the MT garages was on the now Butlin's campsite. While he was posted there, my mother and I went into digs in the town and I went to the local school until we returned home to the East Midlands when he was eventually posted to India and Burma. As a small boy I thoroughly enjoyed what seemed to me an extended wartime holiday in a delightful area!