Minecraft: Most random game ever?


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I'd been seeing mention of this game on the geekier parts of Twitter for some time, but never any specifics other than "whoa this is good". I went to have a look, and found perhaps one of the most ridiculous, fun and addictive casual games you could ever play.

I'm planning on doing a proper review on it shortly, but in the mean time the main things you need to know are:

It's Java-based, and runs in the browser.
It's made by one Swedish bloke, pretty much in his spare time.
It looks gash at first glance, but they guy is a programmer and not an artist.
Gameplay outweights graphics by a long way.
It's a bit like Lego, with zombies.
It's still in Alpha, so I expect lots of regular improvements.
It's a seemingly infinite world, completely randomly generated. You start with nothing, and end up building pretty much whatever the funk you want.

This little YouTube tutorial gives you an idea about the sort of things you need to do when you first start in the "Survival" mode of the game (which costs about £9 at the moment, but will double when the Beta version is released), but also alludes to the kind of things you can do as you progress:


Free versions are available, without the attacking zombies but offering access to all the different block types you can fiddle with. Multiplayer is available for free if you want to do some cooperative building, and I believe they're working on it for the Survival mode so it becomes some kind of MMO. Watch this space.

So far I've hollowed out an entire mountain, in the style of a Lord Of The Rings dwarf, and I used the resulting stone to build a massive tower - with a skybridge that connects it back to my mountain base. I've also got a farm growing wheat, and I'm currently digging straight down in an attempt to find more iron, and possibly diamonds.

Ultimately you can find "redstone" which can be used to make wires and switches, providing the option to create traps and access points controlled by simple logic gates.

It looks pretty chad when you start off, but trust me this game is cool. Give it a try.
I discovered minecraft a while ago. Just bought the Alpha after seeing this post. It is the best sandbox game ever! I'd love to see your full review when its done dude :D

I am going to set up a Uberware Server for it that will be on 24/7 if people are up for playing in a single world :D


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Sweet, let me know the address! Do private servers let you jump in and out whenever? Oh, and is the private server option based on Alpha or Survival?
My mates have been playing this for weeks, sad buggers have proper little mines set up, well wish i could get into it.
Thinking of Survival. Just trying to source a server at the moment. I am open to suggestions for the modes etc... It will be primarily for the arrse guys and my staff :D


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Well the review's complete and submitted. It should be up tomorrow, but in the mean time there's a preview on my blog. The formatting's gash because I did it from a DII terminal. Hopefully tomorrow you'll get the pictures and the video.

I do all suggest you go on YouTube and search "minecraft computer".
mine craft is fcuking sweet, creepers are the most scariest thing a man can experience " cool i just spent 12 hours building a pyramid, hmm whats that hissing noise" BANG goodbye pyramid
Is that the difference engine?


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Haven't been able to find a cheap one for the UK. What do you guys wana do. Suggestions?
Let me work out how the MP part actually works and I'll see if I can think of anything :)
Now that the review's up (http://www.arrse.co.uk/content/360-minecraft-creative-genius-review-brunonomedals.html) I thought I'd see where we were with that MP server? I've got some satellite imagery of KAF and have an idea for a joint project...
I agree with your review about the price, however my biggest problem is i know if i do spend that tenner soooo much work is not going to be done. Being a damn dirty student i know too many people who spend waaaayy to much of there lives playing this at the minute.
If you're a student, what have you got to lose? The world doesn't need anymore "Thirds in Surfing Studies" clogging up perfectly legitimate graduate schemes ;)
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