Mine victims to return to the frontline

I know the two lads in the article and what a top pair they are, been in some sorry states with them in Aldershot! One night they booked into the Travel Inn and the poor receptionist didn't know what to say to drunken, limbless paratroopers.

Well in the two Stu's.


FJ, I think they're both heading this way in a few weeks to come on the lash, you should tag along, it'll be emotional!


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Bl00dy well done, and praise where it is due to the Army for keeping them in the fold. 'Them' set the standard for keeping injured people on board and within the community doing valuable work, where they want to be, and I'm very glad other arms are getting with the program.

Now, about that compensation . . .
Above and beyond the call , to return to frontline duty is a selfless and couragous act.
They are still trained men and there is nothing they cant do for the Army , this applies to a lot of the injured, if they are willing why not ?

Well done and well respected.


do you think they share the same boot size ?

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