Mine Strike Kit!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BennyBlanco, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Excuse the ignorance.....what exactly is a mine strike kit,and what does it contain...(been told to have one handy in webbin!!)

    cheers Benny
  2. A first field dressing.
  3. Yr funny!!?!
  4. From memory but I think its actually some six inch nails as mine prodders and some mine tape to mark them with.

    You RE?
  5. No comment!!
  6. Our Tp minestrike kits contain:

    14 gauge, about a foot in length

    One reel of Mine tape

    6" Nails (or 6" lengths of 14 gauge) Qty 10 with a square of white Minetape impaled on them used to mark the mines

    A fablonned copy of the mines and actions on leaflet given out by the MITC

    One in each truck, one to be carried (albeit smaller in content) by each bloke on the ground.
  7. mine tape

    14 gauage (act as pins)

    RCK cleaning rods Or 6" nails

    beat me fo it F_B, i must type/think too slow :D :D :D :D
  8. Hehehe.. Reckon so A_K_T_T_E

    BennyB. The most important bit is ensuring that the guys in the section/troop all know the drills for actions on. pointless having the kit in the webbing if each and every bloke is off doing his own thing.

    Know the plan for actions on.

    Know the marking system the Troop has chosen.. If they all use white tape on a bit of nail, nobody can mistake it for something else / ignore it. You dont know where you're going to be minestriked. It might even be in a scrapyard. Uniformity is essential!!

    Make sure every bloke knows all of the above.
  9. And don't forget the most important part of your minestrike kit....

    Lots of soft, absorbant toilet paper and a spare pair of skiddies.
  10. S~~t paper top of list!! Many thks.....
  11. May I suggest ear defenders? Apparently, if you are unfortunate enough to tread on an AP mine you risk serious hearing loss - which can be permanent!
  12. PARDON
  13. I SAID (oh never mind.....)
  14. Fair point, and all that nasty shrapnel flying about might blind you, so a set of goggles would be handy.
  15. ...... and boot cleaning kit - guaranteed to take the shine of the toecaps.