Mine marking kits

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baldy_git, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have the NSN for the plastic mine markers and the alloy prodders? Not getting much help in the unit on this and alot of lads after them for Afghan. Cheers.
  2. Can you not SCOC it?
  3. Mine markers, 99p for 100 at garden centres/B&Q etc, prodder, buckshee cleaning rods & handle?
  4. Tried SCOCing but you never know what your getting from the description. Im not going to buy kit for everyone in my unit when i can order it for free. And cleaning kit rods are fine for emergencies but no good on magnetic fused mines. I'll try the engineers to see what they have. Cheers
  5. Baldy git mine prodders as a complete item are starred however if each individual component is ordered separately they are a "C" item so you just need to order how many of each component ie 10 handles, shafts etc to make complete sets. Speak to the bridging storeman at RE Wyke Regis as I know he has the relevant part numbers
  6. cheers yater.
    It always astounds me how they can restrict items like mine prodders and make them starred items so QM's begrudge ordering them in. I'm sure my QM wont be keen issuing them out if he got scaled for them.
  7. They were over 100 Quid a throw when initially issued and are serialised.