Mine marking kit - seen the basics but more info appreciated

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hogstable, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. I know the basics but on this board there must be some more expert and experienced opinion. There wasn't that much detail on it on the mines module that I did.

    Has anyone any examples of this, how many markers do you have etc, nails or 14 gague for attaching them to the deck. Other ideas etc.

    How far are they put on the ground etc etc.

    Over to you chaps.
  2. You on about Mine strike kit? - For when you/ your vehicle is compromised on the ground?
  3. To quote my post to a previous thread on the subject..that got derailed by special boots..

    Do a search for 'Mine strike' in the Sapper forum (search facility at the top of the page) as Im sure there's more than one thread on the subject.

    If youre on about the lightweight mine marking kit, then it comes with pegs in the kit to impale the post stump onto the ground, which you then put the post onto.
  4. Cheers guys the promptness is suprising.

    Yes it is a minestrike kit, for when you found you have wandered somewhere where you wouldn't really want to be.

    Also without wanting to sound dumb, I take you have loads of the flourescent cord on the winder and run it out to mark the edge of the cleared path.

    One of my chums was assigned to an EOD in Telic 1 and he used a small laser pen to spot for tripwires in the dark as he was wandering about. Don't know if that is of any use to you.

    On a related note how many minemarkers should there be in the Tp stores G1098. I would have thought you would need tons and tons of them, we have about 10 or so. I've been told if you were given a minefield task you would get a load from Ech but surely as an attached close Sp Tp that is a task you can be given at very short notice as a minestrike task.

    Cheers for your help, being territorial we are quite keen but don't have the benefit of the full B3 and B1 courses not to mention the experience on exercise and Ops that you folks get.
  5. He's deleted his post, but that'd be my assumption..to mark the side of the safelane youre creating.

    Markers in a Tp G10?
    Those little wigwam type? 10 sounds about right. Minefield clearing, youre clearing a route thru, not the whole shebang. if you run out, and Ech hasnt got any then you'd improvise I'd guess.. but in reality it'd be a planned event and kit would be in theatre, you'd like to think! (never been in the position)

    Same with a Minestriked vehicle/s and person/s, you'll clear up to the vehicles by way of a safe lane so again you hopefully wouldnt need many. Link that to the kits you'd carry and you'd be about sorted TBH. They too should have a knowledge and the kits, so you should be onto a winner.

    My previous post above, all my Troop Vehicles carry the home-made kit, as well as all the lads in the Troop.
  6. If the flo glo cord thing is to me (I seem to have lost my post!!!!), I use it to mark one edge of the cleared area. I have about 50m. It is quite thin, thinner than cam string.

    Like I said in the original post, when not using it for that purpose, I use it for the grid squares on models.

    On my person I carry about 30 2" nails (quite light) and as many 4" cuts of mine tape (white and orange) to fill a baccy tin and prevent the nails from rattleing.

    and a little prodder.
  7. On OPTAG they recently showed the new mine extraction kit, which was supposed to be issued to the sandy places, though i haven't seen it out here yet. COuld do with the NSN if any body has it
  8. Aye, If anyone's got it, share the love!

    Shall investigate at work when I get back.
  9. I can think of a number of reasons why you would want to self extract from a minefield or clear into one after a minestrike; if you were under effective enemy fire and exposed; if you were out of comms; if your vehicle had caught fire; if you needed to get quickly to a casualty. However if none of the above applies I would keep your extraction kit firmly in your pouch and wait for the experts to arrive and extract ... after all they have all the right kit including detection equipment!

    But if you had to extract, and you are no mines specialist, I wouldn't worry too much about type of mine or action on. Many mines have different variants and whilst they may look similar externally, they may differ on the inside with the inclusion of anti-lift or anti-handling devices (even AP mines). So I would suggest that if you located a mine, mark it and avoid it by re-routing your safe lane.

    In addition to some of the very sensible suggestions above I would add spray paint to your kit; brightly coloured and preferably engineers road paint that can be used in all weathers. This can be used for marking your lane as well as marking the positions of mines (in lieu of markers which are clumsy and bulky). Paint marking, unlike tape or string, is simple, effective and doesn't get tangled up or moved under foot.

    Don't know about your laser pen for spotting trip wires in the dark ... I personally would not want to be moving about a mined area in the dark anyway. But an option is crazy string which can be sprayed in front of you and will hang off a tripwire providing it has not been laid flat on the ground. The crazy string is usually brightly coloured and can be picked out easily with a torch.
  10. Mines...(haha, get it?Er..)

    10 x 6inch 14 gauge, bent back on it's self with mine tape white in the middle. And same again with orange.

    1 meter 1 gauge folded


    in a vehicle I would have spray paint and prodder.
  11. What if he is 33 EOD and he is the expert :p
  12. *shakes head and wanders off muttering...*

    Very funny, NT.. very funny... :wink:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. just to follow onto K13eod's post, flourescent orange string can be bought at most hardware/building supplies stores, ie mason's string, and kept on a cheapo fly-fishing reel.

    For small improvised prodders one idea is the T-handled rifle cleaning kit rod (2 sections of it) filed/ground into a point, which then handily fits into a pocket/ammo pouch.
  14. Perhaps this is the thread to share this tale with you.

    We were doing the assault at Copehill Down, just done the break in fighting through the main road. The DS, the Sapper officer gripped me and my oppo "you haven't cleared that cellar", the one under the 'demolished building'. Mmmm seems a bit suss but off we pop.

    I cover my mate and he jumps in, then shouts "Grenade", thats odd thought I , I didn't see him post a grenade and well err I didn't throw a gren..." BANG

    My mate had set off the booby trap with his neck on the way in. So DS goes right you're both casualties and the section turns up to deal with us.

    This bloke to be fair wasn't the most switched on of Sappers, so I was quite impressed when he shouts "Its booby trapped you need to mark that with a blue flag", but slightly less impressed when he follows up with "Send for the Engineers".

    Not as unimpressed as the DS, the Sapper OC of the urban Ops wing "What do you mean send for the engineers, you are the F****ing Engineers!!!!!"

    Bless him.
    Being a Fd Tp in now what is now a Close Supprt roled Regiment I think people would expect us to be able to extract ourselvres and others. I saw a documentary in the early 90s about Bosnia and there was a Sapper team on readiness for that type of event. Not sure if that is stil the case or is it a matter of any any Sapper would do?

    Been thinking about some of these replies, instead of having sqaures of mine tape what about having a longer bit and putting the nail through it so it makes more a loop that can 'stand proud'.

    Like the idea of road spray but not sure if people would appreciate using it on exercise, can use an alternative though. Also cylume sounds good can be cut through to pour the liquid out.

    Having read in '3 Para' about the minefield that Mark Wright and his blokes got into, it sounded like a bowling alley with bloke after bloke going down , not good at all.

    Cheers for your thoughts I will be asking for the kit for this next week.
  15. The flo glo string (as PMd Hogstable)


    I got mine from a market stall, not knowing what it was other than flo glo string.

    Checked B&Q and no go, you might have to go to wickes or a more builder/tradesman type place.