Mine detection dog specialist 57-63k

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by ooooh_matron, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

  2. Nice package . What does the dog get out of it ?
  3. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    A tennis ball.
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  4. That's a lot of money to pay a dog. How much does the handler earn?

    Will next doors cat do? It's reasonably friendly, but doesn't like the black and white one up the road.
  5. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    Cats are off limits,but if you've got a dolphin that's fine. They're more biddable.
  6. And we've all been laid by telling a bint we train them....training mine detector dogs is just too much of a mouthful.
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  7. You get your dog all trained up and it goes WOOF.........

    and all you,re left with is a bit of smouldering lead.
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