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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by emersedsoldier1, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. lads is there any mine courses etc that any other corp can be put on? im looking for a mine awareness instructors course or a more hands on course that may be used on ops :rmp:
  2. of course you are! cause your bosses obviously decided you needed to do a "mine course" and told you to ask on here to see if there is anything you can do!!!

    if only the rest of the army thought like your outfit!!!
  3. im scoobied any ideas where to find out as nobody seems to know where to ask
  4. Stick to what your trained to do mate, nuff said on that.
  5. If you get in touch with 59 Commando, a lot of there lads do the Mine Sweeping course, just give their SSM a phone call, thats the best way to get on it
  6. Landmine clearance is an all arms responsibility. Speak to your training wing.
  7. Why are you bothering doing a course? It's called a cat on a stick, use it. Failing that, a shipping container full of chavs'll do the trick wonderfully.
  8. The MITC at Gibraltar Barracks runs a week long mines awareness instructors course - that's probably what you are after.
  9. Do your MITC course. Enjoy. Come top, even. But go back to what you are trained to do, as Loons says.
    Please, pretty please, don't turn up in 4 years time as a UN Mine Action Centre QA Officer, telling everyone you are a mine expert, when all you can do is tick boxes on a list.
    We've got enough fcuking fcukwits like that already in this game.....
    Staakers, 500km SW of Omdurman, in a leaky tin shack.
  10. And they take for ever to do that, the Tards.