Mine and Ammunition Clearing in the Baltic

Saw this report the other evening on the telly.
Suche Mediathek | MDR.DE
Sorry its in German.
Does anyone here have any more information on this.
I found it rather strange that no one rearly seems to know where the stuff is and how much there is dumped.
One of the Standing NATO MCM Task Groups has a standing remit to clear historic mines/ammo from the Baltic. It's partly a combination of us kicking the shit out of N Germany in the 2nd WW and partly an agreement to help the 3 Baltic NATO members clear Russian UXO from their TTW.

SNMCMG1 New Home Page

History of SNMCMG1

Most importantly, you get some hoofing runs-ashore in the Baltic - a week at sea and the weekend in a different port getting shit-faced!


Did a fair bit of sailing out of the BKYC in the 60's 70's. Remember bobbing along one time, "What are them green (I think) bouys then?"
"Dunno, look in the book"
"**** me, it's an Ammunition Loesplatze (?)"
Rapid departure of the Flamingo and crew.

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