Mine and Ammunition Clearing in the Baltic

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cab-scab, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Saw this report the other evening on the telly.
    Suche Mediathek | MDR.DE
    Sorry its in German.
    Does anyone here have any more information on this.
    I found it rather strange that no one rearly seems to know where the stuff is and how much there is dumped.
  2. One of the Standing NATO MCM Task Groups has a standing remit to clear historic mines/ammo from the Baltic. It's partly a combination of us kicking the shit out of N Germany in the 2nd WW and partly an agreement to help the 3 Baltic NATO members clear Russian UXO from their TTW.

    SNMCMG1 New Home Page

    History of SNMCMG1

    Most importantly, you get some hoofing runs-ashore in the Baltic - a week at sea and the weekend in a different port getting shit-faced!
  3. Did a fair bit of sailing out of the BKYC in the 60's 70's. Remember bobbing along one time, "What are them green (I think) bouys then?"
    "Dunno, look in the book"
    "**** me, it's an Ammunition Loesplatze (?)"
    Rapid departure of the Flamingo and crew.