Mindless use of Gunners

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Fog_of_War, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. Do we think the use of are manpower is within the remit of their job discription at all times...

    For example

    The weeding of a hard surface HLS.

    Just to make it look pretty when there not on the 12 hour patrols in 30 degrees heat.

    With no water and stones in their mouths.

    Thanks fog_of_war for the use of your screen name.

  2. I think it's at times are inappropriate to is employ manpower when there Job descriptions is not during some times
  3. Soldier- job description.

    Some mistake surely.
  4. Hmm and the next question is

    "Don't you think its out of order that Gunners get all the menial tasks while the NCO's and Officers don't, I mean why can't the BSM take his turn on the Gate like the rest of us ?"
  5. Why dont you douse the said heli pad in 3 jerry cans of petrol and add one times windroof match!

    Your not clearing said heli pad at B28 are you
  6. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Or we could phrase it as:

    Do we think one should log-off when one has finished using ARRSE in order to stop other users posting under one's username...

  7. Agreed.

    Fog of War is a crow.
  8. School boy error! :wink:
  9. It immediately strikes me that it may well be a pointless endeavour to try to use the author of this bizarre statement in any manner other than mindlessly. Certainly, his grip on the English language appears tenuous at best.

    What the fcuk is he talking about? :?

    Fog_of_War, please could you find the culprit who stole your identity and take to his nut sack with a pair of house bricks so he cannot contaminate the rest of humanity? If you can't find it in your heart to do so, please let him know that there's a place waiting for him in the RAF Regt.
  11. I've got an unusual one in the current climate.

    Use of Gunner - Gunnery!!!!
  12. Bloody hell, doing a job we are trained for..... Outrageous!
  13. said culprit has been identified. person abused (me) has put them in for said posting to RAF Regt....
  14. You're still a fcuking CROW!

    Get away.