Mindless Fun

612.6 on the second go and 763.4 on my 5th. Superb!
721.5, but that was just the head....
1044.3 after a disasterous bout of non-targetting.... but that was only thanks to a Bosnia-inspired minefield.
Awwwwww why can't I get it that far!

I feel like I have regressed back to school and can't throw the rounders ball far enough...... :-(
oh we so need more of these. Currently champion of the office - 1048.6 (hit 2 mines together and the head goes into orbit :) )
the losers are getting the brews in. Victory is a cuppa with a rich tea. mmmm nice
I am beginning to feel soooo inadequate....so many peoople have bigger ones than me.......
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