Minden Gap

The Adjt was chatting about Battlefield Tours with some chums t'other day and GOC UKSC(G)'s quest for importance came up...

Now then - the Minded Gap - where apparently, there were nuclear devices buried astride the Autobahn ready to be blown if GSFG came charging over the North German Plain...

Fact or fiction - and if the former, any sources?

Fiction, nuclear devices, whatever their type were always kept under the tightest security and would never have been buried and left alone. You might be getting confused with a different sort of bridge demolition where all the bridges in 1 (BR) Corps area had been surveyed and in some cases the demolition chambers had been built in. There were also certain routes in the Harz mountains which had pre-drilled holes for cratering charges. When the bridges and roads needed especially shaped charges they were stored in local Bundeswher ammunition depots.
Fiction, however, was involved in a number of exercises with our septic mates involving small and medium sized devices to be utilised for blowing 'fcuking huge ole's' in the general area of the Minden gap.


Thinking of measle shafts?
I never actually saw any measle shafts but remember distinctly on my C3 Combat Engineer course being taught about the fecking huge cheese demolition charges which you put into them to blow bridge abutments.

Nothing nuclear about them though. The berger meister of each village allegedly held the keys to open the shafts in his area in the event of the Rooskie's making a play for the west.

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Saw a good boxhead fillum on my B2 re measle shafts.
ugly said:
Thinking of measle shafts?
Miesle shafts were constructed in brdges to take Charge Demolition DM Something :)oops: - I forget - Dingger will crucify me) The DM meaning Deutsche Modelle. The Charges were indeed shaped like Edam Cheeses - great bick feck-off ones as the Charge weighed in at 125lb (50Kg) of TNT and they were fitted into the shafts during one of the Army Transition to War Measures (ATWM) - at Simple Alert (SA) IIRC.

However destruction of the largest bridges required Atomic Demolition Muntions (ADM) which the boxheads were (understandably :twisted: ) not too keen on.

I need to get out more 8)

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rickshaw-major said:
ugly said:
Thinking of measle shafts?
However destruction of the largest bridges required Atomic Demolition Muntions (ADM) which the boxheads were (understandably :twisted: ) not too keen on.
That's the badgers - MADM (Medium) or SADM'S (Small) - or as we knew them MADM (Massive hole), SADM (Slightly less Massive hole)
As a slight aside, when based in BAOR my unit (FR) often conducted "Adventure Training" in the areas of the IGB. In civvies and using our own cars, all bearing BFG number plates :roll: One or two of the days were spent taking a look at our Troop GDP areas and doing recces of the local area for good hide posititions etc.

I do remember the Assault Pioneer trained blokes looking at bridges and making notes on the weight limits and miesle shafts etc.

However being a young soldier I was more interested in getting to the Gasthaus. :wink:

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