MINDEN - Elizabeth Barracks

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by LIMA, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi People,

    I finally got around to shooting a few Photos of Elizabeth Bks in Minden - The link will take you to a Photo website - click on the Minden Gallery - feel free to check out my other stuff too..


  2. Many thanks Lima. Some happy memories there as a young sprog from January 1972 to September 1974 serving with 1 GREEN HOWARDS. Saturday nights were drunken brawls with either 1 GLOSTERS down the road from us or taking on the local 'Spiks'. Anyone remember the 'Kleine Pari' a short taxi drive away?

    I expect the locals were glad to see the back of us!

    Regards and best wishes
  3. Excellent photos that brought back some memories, I was there from 84-87 with 3 Royal Anglian. What is it used as now?
  4. Around the Square are couple of Supermarkets and other shops. the panzer garages now house heating and Car repair firms and most of the Accomodation blocks have been converted to old peoples sheltered housing.
  5. Bn HQ now a old folks home how do the oldones manage it the stairs in that place were a pig
  6. Oh and don't we just miss you boys in Minden!!!
  7. You know that you do. Simeon Strasse is a mere shadow of it's former self since we left.
  8. Minden, 1990 4 ADTR/664 Sqn AAC. Good days and nice Stadt :D
  9. Innit just! I'm stuck here again....I think u should all come back! ;)
    Oh and there`s absolutely no nite life to speak of now.... Just Markt 15.... where I happen to work. Sooooo saaaaaaad!!!! Mind u... I don't even know if Markt 15 was a pub then!? What can I say... Minden is great if it wasn't for all the germans! LOL
  10. Hi Chris,

    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread. I tripped over this one while looking for some other photos of the civilianised Elizabeth Barracks which I'd seen on ARRSE.

    I was in Elizabeth Bks from about April 1978 to about May 1980, initially with the REME LAD that was part of 1 Cheshires and then, when the Cheshires went back to UK, with the Fusiliers (1 RRF?). About the only pic I didn't recognise was the one of the LAD inspection bays. That was new since my time there. I worked in the CET/Tels shop, looking out over Steinkreutz Strasse at the bottom end of the camp.

    Excellent pics. They certainly brought back memories. Glad I found them.
  11. John,

    Thanks for posting the link. Those are the pics I was referring to in the post before yours. The old place has changed a bit. I can recognize some of it but a few of the buildings (like the REME inspection (servicing?) bays are well after my time!
  12. Elizabeth Bks Minden, great memories Thanks for the pic Mick, 1st posting with 1RRF. Happy days, no wife, no mortgage, no kids, no pole tax no pressure..just nights drunken with yellow handbags Class!!
  13. Christ Elizabeth Bks that brings back some very pleasent memories lol.....
  14. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I remember The Cameronians in that barracks, they would almost beat up anyone that looked in through the gate in passing!