Minden Coy (LI)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NG_M4_Shooter, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Anyone here from Minden Coy? Would like to chat about camp, etc. I am scheduled to participate in an exchange. I'd really like to chat with some people from the company to find out more about the unit.

    I understand concerns about security etc., PM me if you'd like to exchange email addresses and the like. I'd like to know about the surrounding community around Minden, to discuss how a typical camp goes for a TA (LI) company, to know if there is a regimental mess planned and so on.

    Those are just some of the things I am interested in. If you'd like to know more about my unit, my home city, how the National Guard works (US equivalent to your TA), I can share that info with you as well. I don't presume that all of you want to know this, but if you are curious, read on.

    I know a few things about the TA, for example I am told that you are not required to attend your monthly assemblies but if you miss them that you dont get your bounty at the end of the year. Also, I am told that TA Soldiers may resign from the TA if they wish.

    When compared to the US National Guard, its similar in that we have camps, though we call them 'A.T.' which is slang for 'annual training', which is usually conducted in the summer for about 20 days.

    Soldiers in the NG must attend monthly drills or they could be arrested by the local civilian police. Its rare that it happens (I've been in the Guard for 8 years, and seen it happen twice) but it is possible. Once arrested the soldier stays in jail for the weekend or until a non comissioned officer retrieves him. We cannot resign from the national guard, and we don't receive 'bounties.' You may be released for being gay (if you choose to make that public), being a habitual drug user, wife beater, drunk driver, having over 20% body fat for more than 6 months, troubles with civilian law enforcement, you understand, the usual.

    We do have 'bonuses' which are sums of money that are usally from $3000 to $15000. They are split in half and the Soldier receives half of the amount up front and half at the end of an enlistment contract, (typically 3 or 4 years long) after the government taxes about 15% of amount. During OIF, OP TELIC as you call it, if a Soldier is deployed to Iraq, and re-enlists he will typically receive the entire bonus amount in one lump sum and free of tax, that amount is currently $15,000 (us).

    Our chain of command is odd in the National Guard. When we are not called to Federal Service (for example OPTELIC), we belong to the Governor of the State in which our unit resides. A Governor is the chief executive of the civilian government for the state. The Governor may call us to active state service to provide assistance to the state government or during natural disasters. We can assist law enforcement agencies, but cannot arrest civilians. Its part of the Posse Comitatus act.

    I am aware that the UK Army has a very strong regimental system. The closest thing to that is the National Guard. You see the Companies, Battalions, Brigades, and Divisions in the NG have been part of the state in many cases since the 1700's. So, its not uncommon to have Soldiers serving in the same Company that Grandfather served in during WWII.

    We don't have that long and rich tradition that you have, but for a young nation like us, ours is a long and rich tradition, obviously not nearly as long as yours.

    If your experience with Americans is that of the ignorant and brash, I hope to dispell the myth that we are all ignorant, fat, brash, snobbish, etc. I will not make ill references to your Royals, as long as you dont bring up bill clinton and monica. I have no intention of besmirching your honor or national pride.

    Our light infantry companies are about 100 men. We have as standard weapon the M4 carbine. In each 9 man infantry squad, we have 7 each AN/PVS-14 night vision monoculars, and 2 each AN/PVS 7B's, 2 each M249 S.A.W or minimi I think you call it, 2 each M203 40mm grenade launchers, and 7 each M4's. There are three NCO's per squad. A Staff Sergeant serves as the squad leader, and two Sergeants serve as the fire team leaders. We typically use the AN/PRC126 FM radio to communicate within the platoon, but are phasing in the new MBITR radios now. For operations that encompass larger distances between squads we use the AN/PRC119 ASIP radio, which features digital encryption, frequency hopping, and other security measures.

    Its saturday, time for beerlarrinous. Too much typing. Star Wars Episode three is showing tonight at the movies. Thanks for your time.
  2. Out of interest NG , what's your daily rate of pay while on duty?

    And how much do you get in extra payments, for being deployed to the giant kitty litter. Do you get taxed at all, or a reduced rate of taxation whilst serving outside CONUS?
  3. Wow. I think there's more info on the ANG here than on their website. I am not in EWRR but I hope you enjoy your exchange. As for dispelling myths about being brash, snobbish etc., most of us don't perceive all Americans that way and I'm sure the guys in Minden Coy will not expect you to prove anything. My advice to you is not to ask where the red bit of the LI badge comes from as you will probably never hear the end of it.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ah Paoli and also the washington bible and no you cant have it back!
  5. We are paid according to our rank, and then the number of 'Unit Training Assemblies' or UTA's scheduled for a drill weekend. Typically most NG Soldiers show up on Saturday morning and work until Sunday evening.

    That equates to a MUTA or Mobilized Unit Training Assmbly, four. There are two UTA's in a 24 hour period. So a drill weekend for most Soldiers is called a MUTA 4.

    Since our light infantry brigade is an 'enhanced' brigade, we typically have MUTA 5's which begin on Friday evening, and about twice a year we have MUTA 7's, where you show up on Thursday morning and are released Sunday evening. MUTA 7's are real ass kickers, you arent worth a shit at your civilian job monday morning.

    Anyhow my pay for a typical MUTA 5 equates to $463.20. Thats gross before taxes. Actual take home pay is about $320.

    I hear that in the UK, Soldiers do alot of live firing. In the US we typically dont live fire more than twice a year. But we do TONS of blank firing with the MILES 2000 battle simulation gear, there are some weapons that miles cant duplicate like the M203, and it gets kind of silly at times when a guy is taking 'cover' behind a hedge. But other than that its good fire and maneuver training for infantry. Especially in urban trianing, which we do alot of.

    Thanks for the welcome.
  6. Not a member of Minden, but have had them play enemy (opfor as you lot call it) a few times. Cant answer any of the regimental questions etc, but they seemed like a decent enough bunch of guys. They are from Yorkshire though, so you might want to invest in a translator ;)

  7. Is Minden in Doncaster, or?
  8. Where we whooped the French. See here.
  9. I'm in minden, and my Sjt and I are the British chunk of the exchange.

    Minden Coy is based in Wakefield (a horrible little city) and Doncaster (a horrible little town).

    We work in Platoons of 30 men (3 squads of 8 + Cmd) and there are 3 Platoons for a Coy (as well as HQ Platoon which is smaller). The light units are armed with SA80 rifles (they are rubbish) and the LSW support weapons (an SA80 with legs). We also carry anti-tank LAWs and GPMG's (Machine Guns). The current Coy contains only 80 men.

    Minden Coy is one of Four making up the EWRR which is an amalgamation TA Battalion that usually supports its regular counterparts. When the Regulars need an extra man/squad/platoon or even coy then they ask and we send.

    Minden Coy is also the RECCE Coy of the Battalion and so contains RECCE Platoon and the sniper trained element of the Battalion. Minden Coy is so named after the aforementioned famous battle, but the coy has been through many changes in the last 40 years (at one point we were even a Tank Recce company!) and the whole system is due to change next year again in order to come into line with Regular army changes. Primarily, however, we take our lineage from the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, of which there is plenty of info on the web.
  10. Interesting that the Americans have a Staff Sergeant at platoon command level, and Sergeants with each "squad" / fire team - i.e. quite heavily manned with NCOs. What do Corporals do, out of interest?
  11. For the regular part of the LI regt yes, the TA KOYLI were originally West Riding Volunteer corps of Rifles (I think with a jacket style badge - the Shefield and Leeds part of the rifle corps had one). The Wakefield TAC was the original Barracks for the volunteer corps (Original markings are near the main door carved into the stone)
  12. A jacket style badge? Is that with arms hanging from the sides and buttons down the middle? :?

    Or is it like that glorious cap badge, complete with battle honours that sits proudly on the head dress of a member of a Rifle Regiment? 8)
  13. Yep just this glorious PWO badge

  14. Yep, I was right - The Leeds Rifles. A shame that they had to re-role during WW2. The regs cry at the loss of a few regiments bt the TA has lost hundreds.