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Minden Barracks Penang Malaya 1960/61

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Frank Benn, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. My name is Frank Benn, I served in 58 Eyres Battery 34 LAA regt, I joined the Regt. in Lingfield 1960 and went on the advance party to Minden Barracks Penang 1960 as a National Service "volunteer". Must say had a great 18 months there and would like to contact anyone who was there at the time.
  2. hi frank my name is frank Mountford joined 58 Eyres jan 1961 i was in c troop can not remember many of the guys as most like yourself where nat service and by time went Hong Hong lots had left exept sgt Ernie row there as sgt and a gunner George ward he3 was a jamican from Birmingham uk also gnr g jefferson from Newcastle Larry Clayton who was welsh there 18mounths was up before left for kong kong i was a9 year regular and spend all my time in c trop exept for 6 months when joinde 22 laa volenteered for borneo then returned back to c troop who where this time in Germany also a good friend of mine while in reg was Chris Fleming Frank Hedley & Arnie Linford thats about all names can remember that stayed in regiment whilst i was in it the battery mayor Hamilton Jones ended up C o of reg anyway heres my email add hope to hear from you frank