Mind if I smoke?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, May 11, 2008.

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  1. This is a vid of the former chancellor of Germany, Helmut Schmidt, on the Charlie Rose show on Septic telly.

    It's actually from November 1999 and is not only highly interesting for the views he expresses, many of which turned out to be prophetic, but also for the fact that he merrily squats there lighting up and puffing away at his ciggies and snorting his snuff, while nobody seems to bat an eyelid. I also don't remember it being reported in any rags.

    While I was watching it, I came to wonder just how many stateswo/men or former stateswo/men would have the bollix to do the same. Imagine, say, Slick Willy Clinton going on there, dragging a fag from behind his lughole and firing it up.

    Anyway, here it is. Helmut Schmidt starts at about the 22-minute mark, so you might want to fast-forward a bit:


  2. Actually ,he and his missus are still allowed to smoke in public buildings. Not because their are different rules for them, but both don't give a toss about the new smoking laws, and nobody wants to tell them off!!
    Must be great being old and a ex kanzler!!
  3. Face it Bugsy, smoking is a disgusting habit - and pols don't want to risk offending anyone by publicly lighting a fag.

    But Slick Willie did admit to smoking weed - except he didn't inhale. At which point I wanted to ask him, so what was the point?
  4. That's because he ate the stuff, rather than smoked it. He was as big a liar as his wife. No wonder they got on so well with the Blairs.

    I would say, I hope Brown liked John McCain when they met, but I'm beginning to think the one-eyed pensions theif won't be around by the time the US election results are out.
  5. No it isn't Sister Bernadette, coprophagia is a disgusting habit. Smoking is at worst, mildly irritating.
  6. Because he is a politico and will do anything that’s required to fit in with whatever crowd he needs to impress at the time, without actually having the commitment.

    Not that I justify smoking weed. It's a filthy habit for losers who generally can’t hold their beer.
  7. Sorry to disappoint, but not a 'Sister'.
    I disagree - it is a disgusting habit - but having not tried the other you mention, I could not fairly compare them. Perhaps you can enlighten us?

    I take it you can't give the fags up then.
  8. I've never been an habitual smoker, but I'll have the occasional puff to be sociable. I suspect you've led a sheltered life, I've seen many things that have disgusted and sickened me, even smoking in inappropriate places at inappropriate times barely registers on my Acme Disgust-o-meter.
    My credo is "Don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff." And if you've never inadvertantly teased free and tasted an errant winnit in the course of duty, you've certainly lived a sheltered life.
  9. Fair to you.
    I have not led a sheltered life at all, but I still despise smoking. I can't say however, that I have ever tasted, or wanted to taste, a winnit - but to each his own - as long as said winnit comes from an adult.
  10. I so wish this topic could be moved to the NAAFI forum so I could respond appropriately.....
  11. But what a level the discussion would soon sink to...Don't think that is what Bugsy had in mind here.