Mind Control and Tinfoil Hats


Found this on another thread, I'm in work (can't wear my bacofoil so picking up Alpha and Beta left, right, and centre :twisted: ) but thought this might bring a smile (if it hasn't already been posted!!!) Personally if post WWI wasn't conspiratorial in at least some quarters I don't know what qualifies? Now where did I leave that hat...

[align=center]Mind Control[/align]
Well that's kept me clear of more constructive pursuits for a little while. I've seen that one and their Blair/Howard "London's Calling" before. But still enjoyed another look/listen.

Also on the same site, "The Guantanamo Bay Song" has some nice little touches. There's a Gilbert and Sullivan-type and Wizard of Oz on I.D. cards. And "Mr Tangerine Man" on Kilroy-Silk. All amusing and well-designed.

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