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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by one-flew-over, May 28, 2008.

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  1. I was enjoying a coffee this afternoon when an officer walked past. Quite a small chap with a definate mince in his step. He was a Navy officer decked out in white from shoes, socks to hat, just white. He looked more like an Ice Cream man than a military (?) colleague.

    Having enjoyed the search for an Ally type thread I wondered what is the minciest military uniform.

    I start with the Navy summer white shoes rig - not an act of war!

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  2. We have a winner:


  3. It's not just our lot. It seems to be a Navy thing worldwide:
  4. Proximo, I thought the Swiss Guards' were mercenary's and not soldiers?
  5. Now these two will swear that they should be in the Ally thread but.............

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  6. Why is the guy 3 left not wearing trousers and why is the guy on the far right stroking himself.

    Proximo - your man is less mincy than that lot!
  7. Christ, they ought to have pink pistols! (Or join the Pink Pistols :p )
  8. I think Junior ranks wear shorts, which is a wee bit more mincy!
  9. Sorry, Dozy, my brother-in-law is a Matelot Officer & wears shorts & white knee socks as part of rig with pride. Pity about the knees knobblier than a knobbly thing!
  10. Tell me this is some sort of ironic comedy shot

    If not they need to stiffen up those wrists and start looking a bit more businesslike
  11. The Greeks get my mincy vote...


  12. Ah, apologies - the Junior ranks thing was a mate's excuse for a photo of him in shexshee white shorts! :roll: :D
  13. Theirs always the Thai-Dye brigade:

  14. And here he is in a nice pastel!

  15. Isn't that one of the "Pet shop Boys " ?