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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armourer, May 16, 2005.

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  1. From cemeteryone on U75

    Yet again Mike Slocombe the owner of U75 is allowing self admitted members of PIRA to laugh about the murders of squaddies and in general letting his forums support terrorist groups.

    For my part i shall be sending emails to some/all the following companies asking did they realise that M Slocombe who has done work for them allows such views to be aired on his forums.

    Leading Edge
    British Council/BBC
    Zoggle.com (NYC)
    TFiFriday, XFM radio
    Capital Radio
    Calaba, Virgin Radio
    I Have Moved, NCR
    Frank Foundation
    thesite.org (YouthNet)

    If you go here


    just click on the company you want to email and you should be able to find an email addy ....have fun
  2. Who are you on there mate? I'm the BDL he's arguing with.
  3. I was G1098 but I got banned...again :lol:
  4. How do u get into the chat...I want to get banned.....I wasn't too much into wreaking the Ultimate Force thing as it was just walts and kids, but anything with supports terrorists needs to be fuckedd with.

    Let us know how to get there and I will fuckk em all