MIMN, lets have him "talked to"

Once again nimn has shown the complete and utter contempt that he regards soldiers in by posting a purely selfish statement on a forum that is dedicated to fallen soldiers.

Everyone else, regardless of political views, has shown respect for our fallen dead, with the exception of this cunt.

As all the "old sweats" know, I have always been venomously against censorship on this site and have harangued the mods that have carried it out, but, fair play and well done to PTP for deleting this guys shite from that particular forum.

What nimn has done is no better than someone shouting "cunt" at the top of their voice during the 2 minute silence, he has dishonoured our dead and has attempted to belittle the sacrifices that we, as soldiers, are or were willing to make.

I say, lets pool together and identify him, purely to educate him and correct him where he is wrong. Lets analyse everything he says, gather info and identify who he is, especially you IT and Slime guys.

This info should only be used to talk to him of course, to tell him where he has gone wrong.

Should any of you wish to add any further comment to nimns inappropriate dribbling, where he has slated our dead, please feel free to do so below.

As a personal note nimn, I hope you die of fucking cancer. If you don't like my message, please feel free to PM me, where I will provide contact details in order that we may discuss this face to face. I seem to recall that I have provided you with my phone number and address twice, but each time you have failed to respond, perhaps you lost them?
'Talked to' - NIMN should be given a fcuking kicking to within an inch of his life the low down dirty pond scum that he is.

I totally agree with ORG - he should be banned from this site, 'outed' and left to fend for him self when a few of the boys come a calling on him.

Tw@t of the highest order.
Agreed, but whats the point in having him talked to, lets just hammer his fingers flat.

The people that matter are big enough and ugly enough for NIMN statements not to cause offence, he is just a no shouldered pencil dicked spotty student, with zero experience and 100 opinions amounting to zero..

Lets ignore the cock, but give a hiding for a different reason, in fact instead of one nice big hiding, why not arrange for one a fortnight until he is fifty...... Im already organising for a pal of mine who is riddled with buckets and spades to go round and do his mum dry.

Then take him to a local forrest, strip him off and nail his hand to a tree, then start about his feet with a cheese grater and a potato peeler

NMN there are people on here who will have your ID within a week...... I will be one of the first to volunteer to travel down to scumsville, to begin your rehabilitaion and education...

Whilst ORG hopes you die of Cancer... I would like to see alot more pain, I'd like to see you go serbian style with power tools and hot burny things...

And in case you were wondering, no I don't like you and you are not my friend. Although I will visit you in hospital and force feed you Dorito's after your mouth has been stoved in :D :D



He makes my blood boil at times but banning him from the site would (almost) bring us down to his level.
If I provide the name and address of my last OC..........could you just pretend that he's nimn and go round his house and give him a good shoeing?

What 'our man in drivvel' has been attemting to do here, is to add controversy to the board. Controversy.....a missile aimed at the general public with the sole intention of causing an explosion of deep meaningless discussion.......otherwise known as.......sh*te.

Now amongst this elitist group there are a number of liberals, all of whom make frequent appearances on Channel 4 (and occasionally the BBC). Ever notice just how much the general Sun reading public, either ignores the ramblings of this group, or......through total ignorance of the subject, get's very excited and makes demands against Government officialdom etc,.

Fellow Sun readers..........ignore this tw*t. For he is the voice of the few. And as we the Service are aware..............never get into a fight unless there's more of you.......and you are better 'tooled up'. We have the AVGAS and matches. We need an address.

If we cannot get his address, could you see your way to reviewing my earlier suggestion about my previous OC?
I'm not...

I think trawling other peoples sites and creating a stir and throwing insults is out of order and the perpetrators are very naughty boys :D

I think we should still kive him a kicking though
no mate, fell asleep early last night, woke up at six with a bucket of slavver down my front and a stiff neck :D

there was a small nugget / malteser in my trollies but thats been there since yesterday morning


As NIMN likes to be centre of attention on this site, why not ignore him!...

Nah only kidding, can I be in the fornightly party to give him a good kicking?
and this is for you NIMN


Could someone point the way to said thread please or has it been removed??? Did'nt see it



NIMN posted contentiously on the deaths in Basra thread (which was already clearly a condolence thread).
Not content with this 'faux pas' and despite his insensitive posts being removed he then proclaimed his innocence and attempted to justify his position -thereby continuing to upset people.


NIMN don't flatter yourself that your own behaviour is not the problem here.
If your Attention deficit disorder is controlled enough to allow you to read through all the relevant threads you will see as wide and diverse opinions as anywhere on the web...I personally was one who posted my viewpoint (against the invasion) before the war started so it's absolutely not a matter of folks here not coping with discussion or opposing viewpoints.

I suggest that you look inside yourself and address the flaws you discover without inflicting your contentious nature on the newly bereaved and their pals.
Whilst our lads and lasses are in harms way I would suggest that you...well to be brutal..Put a fukcing sock in it.


Thanks BB but I gather the crap was removed and deservedly so.
Had I seen it, im sure I could have added to this thread in a similar manner of the above replies.
I always thought NIMN was female (apologies to the rest of the girls out there).

NIMN does us all a service by making sure that we all know what sort of people him and his mates (used in a completely gender neutral way) are.

I find his posts pretty piss poor, he is immature and spouts the sort of crap that comes from knowing nowt.

But the more he talks the more reasonable people get to know how sad he is. I may loathe the fellow but one of the reasons I have served the Queen for thirty years is to defend the right of arseholes like him to spout.

Got to go the Rugby is just about to start.
I've joined this thread late, but, as much as would enjoy kneecaping the obnoxious git, (for starters), I think the best way to deal with this parasitic cocksucker is much simpler (and more legal!) than that.

I agree with Ma_Sonic. We should just ignore this twat. And I do mean completely ignore him. If he ever bothers to post his thoughts (and I use that word in its most galactically broad sense!), we should all completely ignore the tw@t and carry on the thread as if he had not posted anything....which, in effect, will be the case if we ignore him!!

He can put whatever thoughts, relevant (ish, in NMN's own insulting, cheap, poorly concieved and expressed way - if I'm generous!) he wishes. If we all ignore this cock and just talk around him, he will, quite literally, go away.

On the other hand, taking a set of baseball bats to his legs does have much more appeal.....so where is it he lives???

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