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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BUCK_SHEE_LANCE_JACK, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. removed, couldn't see anything that wrong with it?

    we used to have a Capt 'Plankton'. He was full of bright ideas like setting up tented Coy CP 50m's away from dug in Coy CP (bear in mind the sigs dets - and coy- had just spent the last two days diggin in)
  2. My original post was removed by me after a moderator pointed out that peoples names should not be posted on this forum.

    I accept that advice, embrace it and move on.

    The original post was a follow on from ‘Flashards’ post about the sorry state of E coy moral in Milton Keynes in the topic ‘the fourth will rise again’.

    He was spot on identifying the problem being with the hierarchy and the permanent staff. So the whole point of this thread is to openly discuss the ongoing problems that E Coy is experiencing with a view to finding a solution.

    So I will kick off again with this:

    Platoon Comd’s and Pl Sgt’s that don’t actually command (a hard thing to do from your office on a Tues night). Some are better than others, but all fail to seize the initiative to ‘do something’ with there men. In their defence it must be very disheartening for them when you have permanent staff from the top down who micro manage them and wont give them the opportunity to have an idea.

    I wish my Pl. Sgt. Had some guts to stand up and be counted!

    I would like this to produce some thought provoking lively discussion from E Coy blokes and anyone who has an opinion.
  3. As a member of E coy and having just got back off excercise, I can say with confidence that the moral of the few that turned up is really high at the mom. Unfortunatly there were very few of the regular attenders that turned up, but those that did had a really good time. The new guys now feel part of the company and have thier own "war" stories to tell in the bar ( as I am sure we will see on Tues noght).
    As for the comment regarding permanent staff......... There was only 1 member of permanent staff who stayed in the field with the blokes out of the whole of RRV and he was from MK! and there was only one senior officer who stayed with the lads the whole exercise and he was also from MK.
    All the other, both permanent and senior officers, in the RRV made short visits to thier blokes. Our Permanent staff member was given many opportunities to return to camp but declined to stay with the blokes in the field.
    This in itself has boosted the moral of the lads and shows the new lads the the people they see Tues night can actually get on and do the job we are all trained to do.
    I do realise that we have had poroblems but things do seem to be getting better. It also makes a nice change to have Regs posted to us that actually don't hate the T.A.
    We can all make a difference to training and it is our responsiblity to put ideas forward (and turn up !) It's the blokes that make E coy not the PL SGT's.
  4. As a previous memeber of E Coy 5RGJ I was a little dismayed to hear Buckshees comments about the present E Coy structure. From what I have heard training has been difficulty due to the numbers, or lack of, attending tuesday nights and weekends, I understand there is a large number of blokes away serving. From what I remember it is difficult to carryout proper training with only half a dozen RFN. When a good w/end is organised the blokes still cannot be arsed to come in.

    As a Lance Jack you are now in the training loop be it either doing the training or orgainising. You must have your own ideas of what you want to see on the training prog. I was old school and believed that the best training came from a field w/end when you probably only managed a max of 2hrs sleep all w/end and came back totally shagged. The stories in the bar then were great and E coy had the best spirit in 5RGJ. But hey, maybe people aren't as robust today!!!

    I hope that things at E sort themselves out, but that can only happen if people communicate.
  5. Such long posts from established members, guess Tuesday in MK could be interesting
  6. Just to start off with my usual grammatical correction; it is "their" when talking about someone's men, not "there".

    I do have a point however, which I am not sure you will like, but then management experts like yourself rarely do! I am amazed you are only a "buckshee Lance Corporal", when you clearly have so much to offer; you know exactly what the Pl Comd and Pl Sgt responsibilities are, and are able to deduce that they are not doing their job... I mean, they have no responsibilities in the office do they, there is no admin to be done or anything, no soldiers deployed elsewhere in the world; as the world very clearly revolves around Lance Corporals who volunteer for the TA in Milton Keynes...

    As for your last statement, "I wish my Pl Sgt had the guts to stand up and be counted", have you tried talking to him rather than these childish, News of the World style posts on the internet?

    I don't know what is going on in your unit (so I may be wrong about you), but your crap attitude and the ease with which you moan online suggests that neither do you...

    As was pointed out to you by someone else, earn your pay and start to help sort out the problems your unit has, rather than dedicating your energy to posting for all and sundry that you are not being commanded properly like your Airsoft mates are!
  7. There would be lots more members but the new recruits keep getting lost with all those roundabouts! :oops:
  8. Lately we have had our fair share of perm staff at E Coy who don't actually like the TA. Those of us who have just come back from Annual Camp will know first hand that the PSI's we have just gained not only seem to like us, but are more than happy to socialise with us, drink with us etc. Unlike some previous PSI's. I feel things are set to get better; lets not forget that we do have a large %age of our guys away in Iraq. It's easy to be negative, but we've had a low recently, and as I see it, there is only one way to go from here; up.
  9. All seems quiet on the MK front, I can only assume as previously posted that things are starting to look up.
  10. No reply from buck shee then........