Milton Keynes Town Planners to Rebuild Najaf

With plastic cows or not?...................
Filthy streets, mosques everywhere, high crime rate, poor public transport and lots of people shuffling aimlessly around - just like any British city, then.
All those straight roads and wide boulevards make it easier for armour to trundle down.

Now that's forward planning.
Poor sods!

The good news is that nobody will be able to co-ordinate any attacks as they'll never work out where the target is and even if they do they'll only be a roundabout with no exits anyway so they needn't have bothered.

Will it have the postcode MK2?

Iraqis can't drive at the best of times- can't wait to see them try and negotiate the thousands of roundabouts they'll have to put in like that concrete armpit MK! Who needs suicide bombers when they'll just end up killing themselves in a massive roundabout pile up. Genius
Proberly not, they are considered a extreme insult in Islam to have a round road or so im told.

Is this what we get for helping Bush for British contrators to rebuild stuff the septics blew to shit.
Chalky said:
They can thank the Spanish for this one. One of my detachments was located on the southern outskirts of Najaf with a Marine BN. Because of a damned excellent Marine BN commander's efforts, trying to establish local elections (rejected by Bremer's CPA), removing corrupt officials based on locals complaints, actually answering questions on local TV and radio, as a rule maintaining daily contact with locals and religious authorities, etc., our relationships w/Iraqi were excellent within Najaf. Locals constantly warned us that Sadr's thugs were trying to come down and stir up trouble which we kept a look-out for.

Once the Marine BN left the Spaniards took over and proceeded to stay within their compound rather than engage in any civic interaction or prevention of outside infiltrators letting previous efforts go to waste. In came Sadr's boys.
Random_Task said:
Hasn't Najaf had a tough enough recent past?

But look at the relief money they are going to earn in car parking. Half the vendors in the open air market look like they are refugees from Najaf anyway.

Suicide bombing chaos?? just try + get on the M1 at J 14 any morning after 7:30. Not quite sure what they have done to deserve an Asda and a JB sports, now you are starting to talk about some real abuse videos. Add Mc donalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC :
Honey, we're killing the community!

Just try stone-throwing, never mind running away from a snatch squad when you are a 16 stone lard-@rse

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