Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mandownmedic, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. I've joined a gym that has the German Milon circuit training system and the staff do a plausible sales pitch (its 8 quid a month extra).
    They recon its great for fat burning as it raises metabolism and keeps it up.

    Anyone had any experience of using Milon?

  2. Milon is the second largest city in Italy. Worth a visit if you've got a good budget as it's quite pricey. Don't go there during the fashion week as it's manic!
  3. I have had a look at the website and no, its a waste of money. There is nothing special about the training at all. The only clever thing is that it all operates on a smart card system so it recognises you and sets the kit according to the record it has for you. The actual exercises are no different to what you would do anyway. there is nothing about it that will raise your metabolism any better than a standard circuit training workout or regular cardio. Like almost all such things it is not quite a con, but simply a way to extract your money.

    You do not need to join a gym. Go for a run, cycle, swim, when at home do some push ups, sit ups etc. find somewhere suiatble to do some heaves (tree in local park?). The secret to raising your metabolism and keeping it raised is regular exercise, not high tech machines.
  4. Smack on the button there, mucker. All the "milon-Zirkel" does is pack as many bods as possible into the place to raise revenue for the gym. As you rightly point out, anything you can do with milon, you can easily do on your tod and save loadsa dosh.

  5. I thought it was a form of boxing practiced by 2REP.
  6. There's a few Milons in Jersey and Brittany too... I married one!
  7. When it comes to weight loss the boxheads certainly know their stuff. Is the dress code stripey pyjamas and a shower cap?