Mills to sue over papers claims

Current Affairs related but I wouldn't risk putting this in that forum.

Heather Mills McCartney, estraged wife of Beatles star Sir Paul, is taking legal action against the News of the World over claims she used to be a prostitute:

Lawyers for the 38-year-old ex-model said the News of the World's claims were "untrue and highly defamatory". The statement added that legal proceedings would be launched against the paper after her divorce from Sir Paul, 63, was finalised.

According to, a prostitute is:
1. One who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts.
2. One who sells one's abilities, talent, or name for an unworthy purpose.

Considering that the Scum published pictures of Mills in a hardcore German book last week (picture below), and she undoubtedly received payment for these images, does she not fit the dictionary definition of prostitute very nicely?

Your comments fellow Arrsers please.


I'd pay her a couple of quid so I could feel the end of her stump while she pleasures me (as The Scum would put it)
she was a "brass" so what, sure mccartney knew all the facts before he let her get her leg-over!!!!
I have realised I once beat one out over mrs macartney know i can never listen to the frog song agin curse you n.o.w. :oops:
She had carefully re-crafted her image following the loss of leg. The term former-model covers a wide variety of subjects, however in her case it more "glamour" than "catwalk".

Anyway what's her beef? Prostitution is not illegal in this country, only soliciting. The Mirror/NOTW have a pretty good legal team, I'm sure they're well aware of the libel laws, and I'm also sure Ms Mills won't want her past raked over in intimate detail in open court. I'm sure the papers' response will be along the lines of "see you in court!"

And have you got the link to that picture in it's full glory? Where is she going to rub the baby oil?
his late wife kept him on the straight & narrow ,once she died his bad judgement took over = married - IT- :D slap it into him he was warned and give everyone close to him the finger , mong :D
Sorry Boothroyd, no link - just did a Google image search without the smut filter and this popped up. I read in the Scum today that the 1988 German book that shows Heather in her full glory, baby oil and all, is going to be reprinted. A stroke of genius by publishers Orion - it'll sell like hotcakes! It'll only be a matter of time before all the images are online - some crusty old German wnak star is probably scanning his jism encrusted back catalogue as I type.

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