Millitery Requirements

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Muffy_the_minj_slayer, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. Now everyone knows who I/ragyman are can I ask a serious question?

    MyssL suggested to me that their is some kind of post in the Millitery for a blind/visually-impered person to do. I'm fully aware that I shall not be alowed to go into combat - but I canot see any possable post can you Help me out Please?

  2. Personally I'm not aware of one, but that doesn't mean one doen't exist. Why don't you get a contact number for Upavon from your friendly local RCO and ask them?

    Best of luck, and I mean it.
  3. All are soldiers and must fight, be able to fire a rife. You must be able to pass recruit training and your weapons test. And define blind/visually-impaired if you wear glasses you cannot join the fire service and the police visual requirement is quite high.

    If you are injured after being in service the regiment may find you a job. I have seen one soldier with a glass eye who was also an MFC.
  4. Well I'm very capable at shooting last time I was on the range I was the highest scorer but the only problem was that it was not my target I hit.

    When it comes to field craft I am one of the best in my ACF unit second only to the L/Sgt and Phis tests are not exactly hard.

    When I say Blind/Visually-impared I mean I have sight in one eye only and I have pretty poor night sight. I am also Photophobic (light hurts my eyes) but at my Unit the way I have got around this is by wearing a crap hat, this may not look smart etc but it works and I can still wear my Cap-star with pride.
  5. The Royal Spelling Corps or the 1st Bn the Guide Dogs for the Blind.
  6. Piano tuning Corps?
  7. A recruit of mine was medically discharged from Catterick because of his eye sight.

    He had a problem that could not be corrected with contact lenses or glasses. It was made worse when he started using the SUSAT (part 1 recruits use iron sights).

    Only came to light after he failed his APWT for the 15th time! We all just thought he was a mong. How we laughed.
  8. So was he put on the SUSATs after he failed with the Iron sights. If so it may not be as bad because I'm a better shot with SUSAT than Iron.

    I thought they did an eye test in your initial recruit medical assesment?
  9. ragyman - You would need to ask the nearest careers office, but I am fairly sure that you would fail the entrance medical, which is pretty much uniform. However, some jobs have even more stringent criteria for colour blindness (don't cut the red wire etc).

    Ultimately, it will be down to the doctors (possible even a consultant/specialist) you could ask on the Medics board or just give it a try anyway - it will not cost you anything. But I suggest that it is wise not to get your hopes up.

    Best of luck.