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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by paraodp444, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. After seeing the news yesterday it seems that the MPs have realised that perhaps sharing wards with soldiers returning from op's etc with certain communitys of birmingham aint such a great idea after a military patient was attacked!! :roll: who would of thought that :)

    Any one else think its time for a dedicated military ward at least if not the return of a military hospital
  2. its been done elsewhere! I'm not a computer boff so someone please provide the link
  3. Media bull apparently. Spoke to someone in the know and no such incident happened.
  4. Who do the Army think they are demanding private medical care. You join the Army volunterily. You know the facts and war is part of life. The Fire service, Ambulance service, Police etc dont get it why should the Army. You'r only 100000 strong smaller than BT. I could understand it if it was conscription. Surely putting injured perople in the best ward ie head injuries to head specialist ward etc is better than getting second rate treatment but having a mate im DPM PJ's next to you on a general ward.

    Go on simpleton say it-**** off civvie bastard. I suppose in you simple mind thats a argument won.
  5. Smithy : Quote
    A lot of the constabularies do have a private medical scheme. The Essex and met did certainly have when I was with them.
  6. What proof of this do you have?

    Then again, you told us before that the facilities for relatives at RCDM were good, which is palpable nonsense.

    At one of the MDHUs there have been regular episodes of uniofrmed military staff being harangued by members of the local islamic population - I know this to be true because it happened to me. I see no reason why such an incident should not occur at a hospital in one of the major centres of islamic population in the UK.

    The issue of mixed wards is a red herring - military hospitals in UK always had them. What is an issue is security; in the military hospitals access could be controlled. Also, the vast majority of civilians do not understand the military, and are unable to relate to what soldiers may have been through.

    Smithy is correct in that the principal consideration is the clinical care. However, much could be done to improve the way this is delivered at RCDM.

  7. The reason I know this did not happen was due to the fact that I spoke to the service police man of the unit and a number of people who work on that ward.
  8. Damn right we need a seperate medical service, the shit thing is we had one. One that was pretty good.
    We need a dedicated mil/hosp and why not let it be the currently open Haslar or the old CMH in Aldershot.
    The special convenant that the general spoke of is at threat if the soldiers so easily sacrificed are not cared for sufficiently.
    This is after all the 21st Century, with time things are suppose to get better not worse.

  9. Yeah, because civvie Dotors know tons about PTSD and blast and gun shot wounds not!!
    Try a trip to the Haslar Hospital in Gosport, there you will learn how advanced they are in plastic surgery techniques perfected from lessons learnt in the Falklands.
    The government wants to shut this hospital, and by not letting Soldiers injured over seas go there it claims there is not need for it.
    Meanwhile our troops are sent all over the country to beg borrow a bed place.
    Before the mental health units were shut in catterick, they were leaders in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    I have a process for you to engage Smithy:
    Pause Press Talk.

  10. I think sometimes we keep looking back. We used to have SLR's etc but things move on, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I fully appreciate Mil Hosp exsisted and were great. The Army was large and to a certain degree they were a legacy from the 2nd WW and conscription when we were duty bound to provide.
    These days the Army is small. (BT have more people working from home than is in the Army). I accept in the last 10 years we have faced a new enemy and suffered an increase in casualties. What I cant understand is why you want a private Hospital. Thats what you are after.
    Surely what you want is the best care for each individual dependant on the injuries and only the NHS can offer that. ( Im not getting into an NHS argument) What Im saying is if the NHS functioned as the government hoped it would offer all the services required.
    It would take a huge amount of money to build and fully man a hospital that offered every type of treatment you are suggesting and therfore it is in practicle.
    Polititians cant react to hysteria. Yes weve had a number of injuries but the fact is we will not be at war for ever. The Army isnt held in the same regard as it was years ago. Civvies dont have fathers and brother called up any more. Its voluntary and just another business/organisation. Up until recently the Army was well down on the list of dangerous occupations.
    The construction industry has 70 people die each year. A hell of a lot more tha the Army has whilst underataking work.
    You completely disregarded the fire service who face life and death situations all the time.
    Get away from hysteria, sit back and make measured judgement and I think you will come up with what the Government of the day have provided.
  11. So, just hearsay and not proof, then. None of the reports of this incident have stated that it was reported to anyone at the time, so the unit service policeman and some ward staff being unaware of it shows nothing.

    I confess I find it somewhat worrying that security is vested in just one service policeman. On the other hand I'm sure the MOD are happy to have such loyal employees as you.
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    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  13. ViroBono you sound a bitter and twisted. Im not saying things are perfect but it isn't the worst it could be.

    When the issue arose the incident was investigated and it was found to have been made up by the media. security is not just run by one service police man. West midlands police have two police men at the hospital at all times. The RMP are with in ear shot if needed. There are also protcols in place for such incidents and they have been proven to have worked.
  14. And a number of Police Convalescent homes, catering for all regions of the UK. Why no equivalent charitable institutions for convalescing HM Forces patients? Because there was never any need: provision was built into the system.
  15. Not bitter and twisted at all - just concerned that MOD and the Trust do not seem to take security particularly seriously. Whether the incident described happened or not actually doesn't matter; the potential for this sort of thing to happen remains because there is no conrol of access - two or three policemen at Selly Oak are unlikely to be able to act quickly, especially if an incident occurs at one of the other sites used by RCDM. Who's to say a member of NHS staff couldn't cause problems (as occasionally happens in NI) - they aren't vetted at all. I don't think anyone doubts that Selly Oak offers as good a standard of clinical services as anywhere else in the NHS, but the fact remains that a good deal could be done to improve the service provided to military personnel.