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Millitary float


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hope this belongs here .

Reading bravo two zero and others I noted that the boys on ops were given a money belt with sovereigns in them to help with E and A .
I just wondered how much they were given and if it was per bod or per team, Also do any other units get a float to assist them with local disbursements ( bribes ) etc .

Last item any stories of " lost coins" ? wink wink .
I reckon this is where the idea came from...............

From Russia with Love (1963) - Coins in Movies

8. The "special" attache case

The case has a trick lock, a number of weapons including a rifle, and fifty British gold sovereigns
which can be used internationally for payments and bribes.

9. Attache case sovereigns

The coins are attached to a strap holder.

10. Closeup of sovereigns

Queen Elizabeth II's "young head" portrait is visible on some of them.

A British gold sovereign of Elizabeth II:

11. Great Britain gold sovereign 1963

A sovereign is a British gold coin originally worth one pound or 20 shillings.
It is the same size and weight as a United States $5 gold coin, 1/4 troy ounce.
This one is dated 1963, the year this film was released.
Aircrew with ejection seats sign for (IIRC a dozen) sovereigns along with pistol, crypto etc for missions sausage side. I’m not sure which I thought less useful: the gold or the Walther PP.


Book Reviewer
as a pure coincedence I had coffee with two paras today one was SFSG he said in afgan they sometimes got three sovereigns based on the fact that if they had more they couldnt be trusted not to piss them up lol.

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