millionares weekend.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pupgreen, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. i dont think ive seen in a long time so few arrse users on the site on a saturday as i have to day..i realise its milllonares weekend, xmas bonus and all the xmas parties,,but i feel weve been- kevin home alone- with chav subjects to keep us busy.
  2. You're right, Pup. It's as dead as a dodo!

  3. good job im poor ,sad and here to keep things moving,,,,
  4. Its okay Pup, I'm here now!
  5. well ho ray,, im saved... welcome
  6. hehehehe ...... anyway why are you not in work?
  7. i was just about to get the razor blades out...and step in
    a warm bath...
  8. we only do day at mo not nights..
  9. there are much nice ways to do stuff like that! I'll pop round and talk to you about them later in the week!!!
  10. all to chat party...
  11. I`m Kevs brothers mates friend, can I join the party?

    (Said at the front door, holding a four pack of Asda own brand lager)
  12. okm to the chat with you.. leave the crap lager in the kitchen.
  13. Normal party behaviour, leave the crap on the table and pikey the decent stuff
  14. of course.. and dont eat allthe twiglets