Millionaires Weekend


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We have all seen it, come payday the young singlies head of to the NAAFI and leave arms laden with TV's, Stereo's, DVD's etc. Come the middle of the month young lad can't afford a pint and is looking for easy cash.

Thanks to this time of the month my little angels all have TV's and DVD players and the odd film.

I know of one bloke who got a moped for 50 Euro's. Can anyone match / or beat that.


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A mate of mine paid me DM 100 if I´d swop chicks with him on a night out. Two days later he ended up with crabs. THAT my friend was priceless :lol:
I can't match the moped for 50 euros (Good deal there!!) but I did buy a ultra snazzy television off a guy a few years back for so little (at the mid-month point as well!) that when I sold it a couple of years afterwards, I made a profit on it :D
I used to wait until the lads had bought their TVs, stereos etc and had went on the lash afterwards.

Then I broke into their rooms.
One lad asked if I wanted to buy an ipod for €50 the weekend before payday, but I said there was no point, as I didn't have a computer to put music onto it with.

A bit of bartering later I was €100 lighter, but with a laptop and 40gb ipod.
Me and my mate used to go through the same routine with the same stero every other month. Half way through one month i'd buy 'The' stereo off him, for DM 150 (if I remember correctly),the next month or so he'd buy it back, then a month or so later we'd repeat the process - always ensured we had beer tokens for Cafe Wichtig :D

And as we shared a room, and liked the same music it didn't realy matter who actualy owned the stereo 8)
Had a LCpl in my platoon in Dortmund (a fecking Shark) used to watch out for Gunners with motors they couldn't afford. He would buy them for a pittance, clean them and move them on. He made a fortune - like about 1000 DM a month - and that was a lot of cash in the early 80's.
The Hock shop in Catterick Garrison was ace for that stuff. We used to save up our wages till the middle of the month and buy loads of Gucci kit the Grunts had pawned, Purely cos we were still on '58 webbing, so anything to make life easier
Knew of a sprog Air Trooper who sold a tv to his mucker for some beer tokens. Only problem was the tv was on HP at the time and said skint AirTrooper missed payment so the repo men came a calling and the tv was repossessed leaving said mucker pi55ed off.
Germany was great for Millionaires Club esp at Xmas with duties. I covered 3 guards over an xmas period for 600 marks and bought even more yellow handbags to take home when I took my leave.