Millionaire unearths Nazi guns

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by msr, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    AMATEUR historian Gary Sterne solved one of the mysteries of the D-Day landings - after he found a tattered map at a fair in Stockport.

    Experts were divided on the location of the main Nazi gun battery which caused carnage on Omaha Beach, in terrible scenes which were recreated for the Hollywood film Saving Private Ryan.

    The Germans had built a decoy gun emplacement overlooking the area and the location of the real guns which blasted the beach, where 2,000 men lost their lives, remained unclear.

  2. Must open the floodgates for the return of the $4.2M worth of french francs to their rightful owners.

    Come to think of it, I think my granddad dropped his wallet while he was flying over the area.....
  3. gary s site is now a great museum.hes also editor of the armourer magazine for militaria collectors , a must read.
    he bought the site bit by bit,,clever chap..
  4. Cracking stuff!

    Reminds me of these chaps:


    Woof,woof! :D
  5. I know Gary and will probably see him tomorrow at Stockport Arms Fair at Stockport County Football Club under the grandstand (which is run 4 times a year) It moved from the TA hall in Greek St last year becouse of riseing public insurance costs.

    Gary also ran a series of articles in Armourer Magazine which covers military history as well as collectors topics.
  6. give him my best wishes.. tell him im still looking for a non live grenade for him...
  7. According to D-Day (Stephen Ambrose), the reason the Rangers scaled Point Du-Hoc was to take out the battery focused on Omaha beach, this is the battery that eventually turned out to be a decoy.

    Tracks led away from the area and were followed by two Ranger Sgts - Leonard Lomell and Jack Kuhn, with approx 45 Rangers from D, E and F Coy. They found the guns approximately 1 Km inland.

    The guns were now ready to fire in the direction of Utah beach, however the Germans had moved about 100m away from the guns (especially the ammunition) due to a naval bombardment. The 4 155mm guns were destroyed by the two Sgts and the Rangers D-Day mission was accomplished.
  8. How can these be "Nazi guns"? never heard a gun talk politics..
  9. Why don't you bore off Mong.
  10. The location is now signposted as you enter Grandcamp Maisy from the South - noticed it last summer but shall return this - looks interesting.
  11. serious point- would they refer to "communist" guns in Russia, or "Democratic" guns if they were US??

    Whos the Mong....???

    Dont you ever question media reporting?

  12. Surely this is really being a bit pedantic? Everyone with half an ounce* of common sense realises what is meant by the words "Nazi guns" especially on a Forum like this.

    * or should this read "Gramme?"
  13. You're right, in both of those countries the guns in question would be "friendly" guns.

    And we all know that "friendly" fire is nothing to worry about....
  14. true, but the propogandist element bugs me...even 60 years on dragging it out....enough said now i think