Millionaire Postman?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. Bloody typical , come to our country , take advantageous of everything going and then steal from us. Isn,t it about time that any one coming to the UK who breaks any of our laws was deported after having all assets seized to help towards the costs??

    He will most likely only serve about three years , not a bad hourly rate of pay!!!!!
  2. Now he has got 6 and half years for £20 million and he will be out in four years. The train robbers got 30 years for stealing £3 million can any one see the logic behind it. Now this was going on for years surely some one must have twigged that some thing was wrong in this sorting office, the Police said they had up to 12 people a day coming to the station complaining about their accounts being emptied and still no one did any thing for years, you can see just how much interest there was from the Post Office in sorting this mess out.
  3. well he's off back to the congo when he gets out
    bet his mates are waiting for him whats the survival rate out there if you rich not good bwhahhahaha
  4. I refuse to make any comment regarding crime figures and immigration on the grounds that the answer may result in a knock on the door from the police.... we are walking on egg shells... even if we don't break the law! I love living in a tolerent an liberal democracy... it gives me a warm fuzzy glow... although that coukld be from a dirty bomb I suppose...
  5. Think the difference might be something to do with one train driver being coshed around the head, the frightening of the staff and other of the train and the avading of capture despite being sentenced for 30-odd years. And that it was quite an unheralded and shocking crime back then. Something like that....

    That said, I think the sentence is too lenient for someone put into a role of 'trust' so it were. Would be interesting to see the progression from the complaints to police to establishing the op in order to flush out these people - unless someone has a link where indeed it was years before the police rubbed two brain cells together.
  6. MyssL.....I think the difference back then was the money belonged to the government and not a bank, so the government took the loss
  7. I thought you asked why the difference in sentencing. I've stated that as there is a difference in the crimes committed perhaps that why there is such a difference in sentencing, and well as that, the PO scrote will also be shipped by to his homeland unlike the 1969 (or 68??) robbery.

    Edited to add: 63!
  8. I have been in charge of the post room at my company for 6 years now and can confirm that we recieve envelopes and packages every day that have been either opened or tampered with and it increases this time of year. Complaints get ignored or fobbed of. Trying to ring the sorting office is like raising the dead. Nobody acctually works there eccept the thieving barstewards who have the run of the place.

    They are are mostly not of this country and the Royal Mail does not screen potential emplyees. The whole company is a joke. Yes there deliveries might be on target, but only the letters that contain non valuables.

    Sack the lot.
  9. Fours years inside for twenty million, in other words five million pounds a year. Did someone say crime doesn't pay? That's not a punishment, it's a bloody reward. I'd go to hell and back for that sort of dosh. The conditions inside will be a lot better than a lot of pensioners exist on too.

    Bear in mind that's what they faced as a worst case scenario; best case was the Bahamas with a bevy to totty to play with for the rest of their drunken, happy lives.

    I'll bet the judgement has scared the hell out of anyone planning anything similar. Not.
  10. Attempted murder... sentenced to 12 years, out in 6 years with a 95% risk of reoffending and freed to kill... You can't beat the criminal justice system in this country can you?